The Flash Teases the Fate of Wally West's Children - And It's Perfect

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Flash #771 by Jeremy Adams, Kevin Maguire, Howard Porter, Berat Pekmezci, Bryan Hitch, Max Raynor, Scott Kolins, Tom Derenick, Fernando Pasarin, Oclair Albert, Brandon Peterson, Michael Atiyeh & Steve Wands, on sale now

Jai and Iris West are the children of Linda Park and Wally West -- aka one of the heroes to take on the mantle of the Flash. Although their lives were almost canceled as a result of an attack by Zoom in the Post-Crisis DC Universe, the timeline was eventually reset and the pair were born. Even then, they didn't have long before the universe itself was rebooted by Flashpoint -- with the pair only surviving by being dragged into the Dark Multiverse. They were eventually found by their father in Flash Forward, where Wally made a bargain with Tempus Fuginaut to rescue them and restore them into the core DC Universe. Finally reunited with their mother and -- following the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal -- their father, the group has been poised to live a regular life.

Wally even intended to sacrifice his powers to ensure he couldn't be drawn back into the dangerous world of heroics. But an accident with the Speed Force sends Wally bouncing across the time-stream, briefly sharing bodies with different speedsters across dimensions. One such hop lands him in San Francisco, seemingly on his own world 20 years in the future.

There, Wally finds the grown Iris waiting for him. She briefly explains that he landed in Jai's body -- who was sharing coffee with his sister as they waited for Wally to arrive. Iris explains that thanks to their advanced warning of this event caused by Wally telling them the story of his travels across time, she's able to actually plan -- allowing her to absorb the excess energy and give the pair of their time together.

Wally learns a surprising amount about the future, chiefly that his family is okay. It turns out Iris has gotten married within twenty years to someone she loves -- but that Wally apparently hates. Meanwhile, Jai has apparently been dating Gold Beetle -- explaining her familiarity with Wally when he ended up briefly in the body of Impulse in the distant future. Iris even reveals that in twenty years, Jai and she are heroes, keeping the legacy of the Flash alive. Iris even hints that she's grown more powerful than Wally, with her own connection to the Speed Force dwarfing his own. She even seems remarkably experienced in time travel, suggesting she's had her own journies through the time-stream.

Wally himself is even shocked at how well things seem to have worked out for his family -- even as he fears her warnings that he never truly gives up heroics. It's clear that at least in this future, the West family remains a major part of the DC Universe. However, it also raises more questions about how the events of Future State are really set to play out. In that version of the future, Wally was effectively killed and corrupted by the Horseman of the Apocalypse known as Famine.

With Wally's body, it killed Wallace West and Jay Garrick before eventually even breaking Barry Allen. The fate of Wally's children wasn't revealed in that story, and this future (where Wally is seemingly still alive and an active part of Iris' life) suggests the darkest elements of Future State aren't written in stone -- even as parts of the DC Universe seem to be moving closer and closer to their possible endings. There's even a chance Iris is either an ally or even a successor to the Flash of Future State's Jess West, who traveled from their reality to join the Justice League. But it's still exciting to see at least one version of Wally earn the happy ending he's wanted for so long.

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