Thanos' First Infinity Gauntlet Plan Was Almost Ruined by the MCU's Most-Hyped Villain

During Marvel's Infinity Gauntlet storyline, Thanos briefly achieved omnipotence. This power killed most of Marvel's heroes, leaving the universe almost helpless against the Mad Titan. Thanos' plan, however, was nearly foiled by another major Marvel villain: Mephisto.

From the opening pages of the Infinity Gauntlet miniseries, by Jim Starlin, George Perez and Ron Lim, Mephisto was quite literally the devil on Thanos' shoulder. Mephisto swore loyalty as Thanos' first acolyte, frequently encouraging his plans. More importantly, Mephisto gave Thanos advice regarding Mistress Death and how to please her. Fairly often, Mephisto warned Thanos that Death wasn't happy, and encouraged the Mad Titan to do more in her name.

Of course, this manipulation eventually resulted in Thanos' infamous snap, wiping out half of all life in the universe. It was Mephisto who told Thanos that he needed to do more for Death, sparking the idea within Thanos' head. Despite leading Thanos down this road, Mephisto also subtly worked against Thanos as well.

When Marvel's heroes came to fight the Mad Titan, Mephisto convinced Thanos to hold back some of his power. Mephisto manipulated Thanos, telling him that Death would only be impressed if Thanos beat the heroes in a fair fight. Thanos listened to these words, agreeing to only use the power stone in his battle against the heroes.

This act saved the heroes, at least temporarily, and gave them a fighting chance. Still, Mephisto's motives weren't entirely altruistic. When Marvel's cosmic pantheon tried to stop Thanos, Mephisto joined in, trying to steal the gauntlet from Thanos' hand.

While Mephisto's betrayal didn't pan out, the villain still did his best to stop Thanos. If not for Mephisto's intervention, Marvel's heroes would have been immediately destroyed by Thanos. With Mephisto's help, the heroes could at least go down swinging. It's true, though, that the dark villain only tried to stop Thanos because he wanted the Infinity Gauntlet for himself.

If Mephisto had taken control of the gauntlet, the universe might have endured an even worse fate than it did with Thanos. Considering that Marvel's iteration of the devil might be the universe's most sadistic villain, it's easy to imagine the nightmares he would inflict upon the cosmos with the Infinity Gauntlet. This is, after all, the same Mephisto who has tormented beings such as the Silver Surfer for years.

However, Mephisto never gained possession of the gauntlet since he betrayed Thanos prematurely and paid the price. If Mephisto had waited longer, like Nebula, he could have retrieved the gauntlet when Thanos least expected it. Of course, Nebula isn't nearly as bad as Mephisto, making it easier for Thanos, Adam Warlock and the remainder of Marvel's heroes to stop her.

If Mephisto had the Infinity Gauntlet, saving the universe would have been a nightmarish task. Mephisto's role in Infinity Gauntlet is fairly important, considering the amount of speculation surrounding Mephisto's possible entrance into the MCU.

With multiverse-inclined MCU stories like WandaVision and Loki, there have been rampant rumors about Mephisto making his MCU debut. While it's too late for Mephisto to actively influence Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet pursuit in the MCU, his manipulation of the villain could be made retroactively. Alternatively, he could reasonably pop up in any story featuring mystical or supernatural characters. And since he's faced everyone from the Silver Surfer to Spider-Man, Mephisto has proven himself as a sinister manipulator of the highest order.

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