Jin Series + Hundreds of Free Manga Chapters Coming to Mangamo App

Mobile subscription app Mangamo announced it will add hundreds of free manga chapters to its collection, including Motoka Murakami's time-travel classic Jin.

In an official press release, Mangamo -- which provides manga enthusiasts unlimited access to hundreds of titles like Attack on Titan and Japan Sinks: 2020 for $4.99 per month -- detailed how all 20 volumes of Jin will appear on the platform sometime in August. This will be the first time Jin is available to fans in its entirety through subscription instead of purchase.

Jin tells the story of the titular Jin Minakata, who is a surgeon in present-day Japan. After performing brain surgery on an enigmatic patient, the surgeon finds himself transported back in time to the Edo period.

The press release also detailed Mangamo's newest feature -- the Daily Free Chapter. This feature has no ads and allows users to read one chapter from a sample of manga titles every day without having to pay for a subscription. It also includes series that have never before been released in English.

The first 20 chapters of Jin will be included as a part of the Daily Free Chapter. On top of that, chapters from popular manga titles like Devil-ChiImmortal Undertaker, Department of Demon Resources and Control Love are already available through the feature on Mangamo.

The Mangamo app can be downloaded on Google Play or through the App Store.

Source: Mangamo

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