Batman/Spawn Preview Reveals Why McFarlane’s Hero Is Hunting Bruce Wayne

Batman/Spawn Preview Reveals Why McFarlane’s Hero Is Hunting Bruce Wayne

A preview for DC's Batman/Spawn crossover reveals the reason why Al Simmons is hunting Bruce Wayne.

Todd McFarlane Productions shared the first look at Batman/Spawn, a new crossover which was announced during San Diego Comic-Con 2022. Written by McFarlane and featuring art by Greg Capullo, the preview reveals Al Simmons is hunting Bruce Wayne in an effort to see his wife, Wanda Blake, again. Spawn also suggests that Wanda and Bruce's mother, Martha Wayne, were killed on the same night: June 26.

The Hellspawn narrates in the preview, "We abandoned them that night! The night of June 26th. The night we turned into monsters. I dealt with depression for a long time. Then anger. Then...I decided to do something about it. That's why I went into the Void -- the black abyss where Heaven and Hell intersect. Where the Dead Zones were created. The place where every soul, for a heartbeat, passed through. A portal, if it could be unlocked, might allow me to retrieve my wife's soul. So I tried. God knows I tried"

When sitting in that darkness, Spawn says he heard a voice from an unknown source tell him the power to open a portal to see his wife again has been given to another person: a figure known as "the Black Beast," who is really Batman/Bruce Wayne. "That same voice, the one from the Void, said he could send me directly to the Black Beast," Spawn continues. "But only for a night...And only because I had no soul. If I could get the Beast to unlock the portal, it would also unlock Wanda's soul. I should have known better."

Batman/Spawn Releases Dec. 2022 From DC

Batman/Spawn will see the titular two characters cross paths for the first time since 1994's Spawn/Batman crossover, which was written by Frank Miller and illustrated by McFarlane. The synopsis for the one-shot reads, "Two dark heroes, cursed by tragedy, find their paths again crossing...but not by choice! What sinister foe is at work, pitting the Dark Knight against the Hellspawn? From the shadows of Gotham City to New York City, this epic event is the blockbuster you've been waiting almost three decades for!" DC and McFarlane have also revealed the Court of Owls will play a major role in the story when introducing a brand-new, cosmic version of Talon.

Batman/Spawn #1 is written by McFarlane, features art, cover art and variant cover art by Capullo and additional variant cover art by McFarlane, Gabriele Dell'Otto, Sean Murphy, Francesco Mattina, J. Scott Campbell, Jim Lee, Joshua Middleton and Brett Booth. The one-shot releases Dec. 13 from DC.

Source: Todd McFarlane Productions

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