Alt names: Jeonjijeok Dokja Sijeom, Lecteur omniscient, Lector omnisciente, ORV, Punkt Widzenia Wszechwiedzącego Czytelnika, Всеведущий читатель, دیدگاه خواننده‌ی همه‌چی‌دون, وجهة نظر القارئ العراف, อ่านชะตาวันสิ้นโลก, 全知的な読者の視点から, 全知讀者視角, 全知读者, 전독시, 전지적 독자 시점,
Author: Sing-Shong, UMI
Artist: Sleepy-C (REDICE STUDIO)
Genre: Fantasy Adventure Action
Demographic: Shounen
Format: Web Comic Long Strip Full Color Adaptation
Name Published date
Chapter 143 2023/01/31 Read
Chapter 142 2023/01/17 Read
Chapter 141 2023/01/10 Read
Chapter 140 2023/01/03 Read
Chapter 139 2022/12/27 Read
Chapter 138 2022/12/23 Read
Chapter 137 2022/12/16 Read
Chapter 136 2022/12/08 Read
Chapter 135 2022/12/03 Read
Chapter 134 2022/11/30 Read
Chapter 133 2022/11/30 Read
Chapter 132 2022/11/23 Read
Chapter 131 2022/11/09 Read
Chapter 130 2022/11/02 Read
Chapter 129 2022/10/25 Read
Chapter 128 2022/10/17 Read
Chapter 127 2022/10/07 Read
Chapter 126 2022/09/29 Read
Chapter 125 2022/09/21 Read
Chapter 124 2022/09/20 Read
Chapter 123 2022/09/12 Read
Chapter 122 2022/09/04 Read
Chapter 121 2022/08/29 Read
Chapter 120 2022/08/18 Read
Chapter 119 2022/08/13 Read
Chapter 118 2022/08/05 Read
Chapter 117 2022/07/27 Read
Chapter 116 2022/07/21 Read
Chapter 115 2022/07/18 Read
Chapter 114 2022/07/08 Read
Chapter 113 2022/07/02 Read
Chapter 112 2022/06/23 Read
Chapter 111 2022/06/16 Read
Chapter 110 2022/06/10 Read
Chapter 109 - Three Promises 2022/06/01 Read
Chapter 108 2022/05/25 Read
Chapter 107 2022/05/18 Read
Chapter 106 2022/05/11 Read
Chapter 105 2022/05/04 Read
Chapter 104 2022/04/21 Read
Chapter 103 2022/04/13 Read
Chapter 102 2022/04/06 Read
Chapter 101 2022/04/05 Read
Chapter 100 2022/03/24 Read
Chapter 99 2022/03/21 Read
Chapter 98 2022/03/14 Read
Chapter 97 2022/03/08 Read
Chapter 96 2022/02/26 Read
Chapter 95 2022/02/20 Read
Chapter 94 2022/02/13 Read
Chapter 93 2022/02/07 Read
Chapter 92 2022/01/31 Read
Chapter 91 2022/01/24 Read
Chapter 90 2022/01/16 Read
Chapter 89 2022/01/09 Read
Chapter 88 2022/01/03 Read
Chapter 87 2021/12/25 Read
Chapter 86 2021/12/19 Read
Chapter 85 2021/12/11 Read
Chapter 84 2021/12/04 Read
Chapter 83 2021/11/28 Read
Chapter 82 2021/11/20 Read
Chapter 81 2021/11/12 Read
Chapter 80 2021/11/09 Read
Chapter 79 2021/11/01 Read
Chapter 78 2021/10/24 Read
Chapter 77 2021/10/15 Read
Chapter 76 2021/10/10 Read
Chapter 75 2021/10/02 Read
Chapter 74 2021/09/25 Read
Chapter 73 2021/09/17 Read
Chapter 72 2021/09/09 Read
Chapter 71 2021/09/04 Read
Chapter 70 2021/08/28 Read
Chapter 69 2021/08/21 Read
Chapter 68 2021/08/13 Read
Chapter 67 2021/08/07 Read
Chapter 66 2021/07/30 Read
Chapter 65 2021/07/25 Read
Chapter 64 2021/07/19 Read
Chapter 63 2021/07/12 Read
Chapter 62 2021/07/04 Read
Chapter 61 2021/06/27 Read
Chapter 60 2021/06/20 Read
Chapter 59 2021/06/11 Read
Chapter 58 2021/06/06 Read
Chapter 57 2021/06/06 Read
Chapter 56 2021/05/15 Read
Chapter 55 2021/05/10 Read
Chapter 54 2021/05/04 Read
Chapter 53 2021/04/23 Read
Chapter 52 2021/04/17 Read
Chapter 51 2021/04/08 Read
Chapter 50 2021/04/01 Read
Chapter 49 2021/03/25 Read
Chapter 48 2021/03/17 Read
Chapter 47 2021/03/11 Read
Chapter 46 2021/03/04 Read
Chapter 45 2021/02/25 Read
Chapter 44 2021/02/17 Read
Chapter 43 2021/02/10 Read
Chapter 42 - The Omniscient Sunfish - Part-6 2021/02/03 Read
Chapter 41 - The Omniscient Sunfish - Part-5 2021/01/27 Read
Chapter 40 - The Omniscient Sunfish - Part-4 2021/01/19 Read
Chapter 39 - The Omniscient Sunfish - Part-3 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 38 - The Omniscient Sunfish - Part-2 2021/01/05 Read
Chapter 37 2020/12/30 Read
Chapter 36 - Emergency Defense - Part-4 2020/12/23 Read
Chapter 35 - Emergency Defense - Part-3 2020/12/16 Read
Chapter 34 - Emergency Defense (Part 2) 2020/12/09 Read
Chapter 33 - Emergency Defense Part-1 2020/12/02 Read
Chapter 32 2020/11/27 Read
Chapter 31 2020/11/18 Read
Chapter 30 - Land Lord 2020/11/11 Read
Chapter 29 2020/11/04 Read
Chapter 28 - Land Lord 2020/10/29 Read
Chapter 27 2020/10/22 Read
Chapter 26 2020/10/14 Read
Chapter 25 2020/10/07 Read
Chapter 24 2020/09/30 Read
Chapter 23 2020/09/25 Read
Chapter 22 2020/09/16 Read
Chapter 21 2020/09/08 Read
Chapter 20 - Dark Sentinel 2020/09/01 Read
Chapter 19 2020/08/26 Read
Chapter 18 2020/08/19 Read
Chapter 17 - Line of Hypocrisy 2020/08/16 Read
Chapter 16 2020/08/15 Read
Chapter 15 2020/08/14 Read
Chapter 14 2020/07/21 Read
Chapter 13 2020/07/14 Read
Chapter 12 2020/07/07 Read
Chapter 11 2020/06/30 Read
Chapter 10 2020/06/23 Read
Chapter 9 2020/06/23 Read
Chapter 8 2020/06/23 Read
Chapter 7 2020/06/23 Read
Chapter 6 2020/06/23 Read
Chapter 5 2020/06/23 Read
Chapter 4 2020/06/23 Read
Chapter 3 2020/06/23 Read
Chapter 2 2020/06/23 Read
Chapter 1 2020/06/23 Read
Chapter 0 2020/06/23 Read
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This is so good!
Reply · May 25, 2022

This story got me hook, line and sinker. Most people should know whats,what.
Reply · Jun 22, 2021

what can i say, its a polished gem that deserves to be read its unique, and as of chapter 40 it doesnt seem to be getting boring anytime soon
Reply · Jun 03, 2021

Had a reallyl smart thinking Mc, is that weird. But seriously he was pretty well calculated. the art IS AMAZINGG and i love the storyline. i t kept me engaged enough to be wanting more episode and waiting weeks for it.
Reply · Jun 01, 2021

As a novel reader who knows the whole plot, holy shit this is good. It started out pretty ok but after a few more arcs (maybe after the 10th scenario?) it becomes AMAZING. If you like MC who is OP and level-headed then u will definitely like this. (But then the whole cast is pretty OP in their own ways)
Reply · Jun 01, 2021

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Reply · May 28, 2021

Reminds me a lot of Solo Leveling in a good way. Great story to follow along and the art is amazing.
Reply · May 20, 2021

I thought it was boring but after 2 chapter everything changed, the mc and protagonist are both cool and i want to see more of it
Reply · May 14, 2021

I'm so obsessed with this manga rn besides solo leveling this right here is so good shii if u know what I mean. The plot is original as far as I know. The art is beautiful, the characters have a depth to them and just thinking about the manga gets me hyped for the new chapters UGGGGHHHH
Reply · Mar 27, 2021

I was introduced to this manwha on WebToon. I was hesistant at first to read this manwha. However, I've picked up this manwha recently and it just gets better and better. I have to admit that the first few chapters of the manwha are a bit disturbing and there's a lot violence. Despite that, there's a good backstory with the main character reading an unpopular internet novel all throughout his life and then it suddenly becomes reality. Through this, he becomes omniscent (knowing everything) of the possible future events. However, he isn't entirely overpowered, as some of his choices change the future and makes part of it unknown. The storyline also has an unpredictable side and the story does not entirely follow the main character's memory. With this, the story never has a dull moment and constantly leaves me feeling on edge. The artwork is also detailed, eye-catching, and sometimes humorous. The characters also are all different in their own way and even the supporting character have their own backstories, which will be included in the future. Overall, I love this manwha, read up to chapter 47 and re-read the story twice. I recommend this story to anyone who likes a lot of action, witty moments, and some moments that make you question reality.
Reply · Mar 16, 2021

this manga focusing on comedy not like solo leveling there's same acition but 90% comedy
Reply · Mar 11, 2021

I read a bit of the LN and it was ahead of its time. This story really is something else. The plot and characters and everything else are all really well thought out. I love this manga.
Reply · Feb 18, 2021

If there's anything I could describe about webtoon it's that it is incredibly frustrating. It has a premise that could go very far but lacks the cleverness needed to push it to something great. To not be overly negative, I'll start with the pros.
Reply · Jan 21, 2021

This manhwa impressed me so much I started to read the light novel and all I can say is I am really looking forward to whats to come. It's a lot of excitment and wonder on what's the next scenario is and how the MC will deal with it with some sort of trick. The tricks and ideas on how to deal with the scenarios aren't ridiclous that, but connect to past actions that seem little at the time, or was hinted at having some future relevance that keeps readers engaged.
Reply · Dec 30, 2020

This is an amazing manhwa. The concept is amazing and the trailer chapter(chapter 0) was a very good idea. It caused me to start reading the manhwa and Iam enjoying it. I hope this manhwa releases its chapters weekly.
Reply · Dec 16, 2020

Alright not gonna lie I really like this one good MC and good plot to just wish it had a little romance but aside from that Its really good definitely worth checking out
Reply · Dec 01, 2020

Writing this after reading the chapter 22, as correctly said by many reviewers that it is a little slow paced in the beginning but the growth of the MC (for us and not from his point of view) is what I like about these types of manhwas. How to use the knowledge of knowing what will happen is what makes you continue this manhwa. The scenario and art are similar to other dungeon related manhwas but I really have high expectations from this.
Reply · Sep 16, 2020

Im sorry i have no idea how to actually read the episodes. Where are the episodes? Like on the screen. Ive seen this on Webtoon.
Reply · Aug 31, 2020

Hahahahaha, chapter 12 completely changed my attitude about this manhwa! Up to that point, it was honestly pretty underwhelming. The story still feels pretty contrived and I don't really connect with any of the characters, but I feel that it could have potential now. The world is thrust into a series of Play or Die scenarios for the amusement of the Constellations, who can also act as sponsors (an aspect which reminded me of The Hunger Games). Dokja has knowledge of the structure of this setting and events, as well as some of the characters, because it is the realization of a web novel fe had read. The biggest problem with the set-up is that most of the skills which seem to give Dokja an advantage come out of nowhere and have nothing to do with feir reader knowledge. Fe has the ability to read quickly, the abilty to read other peoples' minds and predict their actions, the ability to block other people from reading feir stat screen, and the ability to make use of other characters' skills. These abiltiies are given names like "Bookmark" or "Fourth Wall" which link them thematically with feir reader status, but that doesn't mean it makes any sense for fem to have these types of skills. Also, while some of feir knowledge directly comes from knowing how events will progress--like knowing about the second scenario--many more of feir actions and plans are based on fem just being clever and being able to apply feir broader knowledge to the shifting situations--like with the insects. In a way, this might be preferrable though since it would get kinda dull if fe didn't have to adapt and think on feir feet. And I'm not sure if I care for feir apparent heartlessness.
Reply · Aug 19, 2020

This looks very promising as of now, I’m currently writing this after reading the latest chp (chp7) it’s a little slow paced in the beginning which i don’t necessarily dislike for this manhwa, and I like that mc has a little bit of twisted personality. Overall I have really high expectations for this Manhwa, and I’m really looking forward for future chapters
Reply · Jun 07, 2020

Although it is a little slow paced in the begining but the varied array of characters make up for it. MC seems to be evolving like the MC of Solo Leveling. Premise is a little like "dungeon reset" except this time imp is more bearable as compared to that rabbit(if you have read Dungeon Reset). Looks promising although i'm writing this when only seven chapters have been released.
Reply · Jun 06, 2020

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