Alt names: Legendary Gambler Tetsuya, Tetsuya - Jansei to Yobareta Otoko, Tetsuya (HOSHINO Yasushi), Tetsuya ~Jansei to Yobareta Otoko~, てつや じゃんせいとよばれたおとこ, 哲也 ―雀聖と呼ばれた男―, 哲也 雀聖と呼ばれた男,
Author: Sai Fuumei
Artist: Hoshino Yasushi
Genre: Psychological Drama
Demographic: Shounen
Format: Award Winning
Based on the life of a famous Mahjong Novelist, Asada Tetsuya, this manga chronicles the history of the man who is now known as the "Mahjong Saint" in his journey through the world of Mahjong and gambling in general.

In the year 1947, the people of Shinjuku are down on their luck. With little money to buy food or necessities, some resort to gambling in order to survive. Traveling Tetsuya chooses to spend his time at Mahjong parlors where he is wiping the floor clean with his adversaries. However, Tetsuya meets the intensely-skilled Boushu-san, this is when he realizes that his skills are still lacking.

  • Note: Won the 2000 Kodansha Manga Award for shounen.
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