Alt names: Actually, I Was Real, Gerçek Olan Bendim, I Am the Real One, Sesungguhnya, Akulah yang asli, На самом деле, я была настоящей, 其实我才是真的, 사실은 내가 진짜였다,
Author: Sam Woel
Artist: Yuwoon
Genre: Slice of Life Romance Historical Fantasy Drama
Demographic: Shoujo
Format: Web Comic Long Strip Full Color Adaptation
Name Published date
Chapter 66 2022/01/23 Read
Chapter 65 2022/01/14 Read
Chapter 64 2022/01/07 Read
Chapter 63 2022/01/02 Read
Chapter 62 2021/12/19 Read
Chapter 61 2021/12/05 Read
Chapter 60 2021/11/27 Read
Chapter 59 2021/11/20 Read
Chapter 58 2021/11/13 Read
Chapter 57 2021/10/22 Read
Chapter 56 2021/10/16 Read
Chapter 55 2021/10/10 Read
Chapter 54 2021/10/06 Read
Chapter 53 2021/09/26 Read
Chapter 52 2021/09/26 Read
Chapter 51 2021/09/04 Read
Chapter 50 2021/09/04 Read
Chapter 49 2021/08/21 Read
Chapter 48 2021/08/21 Read
Chapter 47 2021/07/30 Read
Chapter 46 2021/07/24 Read
Chapter 45 2021/07/17 Read
Chapter 44 2021/07/12 Read
Chapter 43 2021/07/11 Read
Chapter 42 2021/07/09 Read
Chapter 41 2021/07/09 Read
Chapter 40 2021/02/23 Read
Chapter 39 2021/02/23 Read
Chapter 38 2021/02/23 Read
Chapter 37 2021/02/23 Read
Chapter 36 2021/02/14 Read
Chapter 35 2021/02/03 Read
Chapter 34 2021/01/23 Read
Chapter 33 2021/01/16 Read
Chapter 32 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 31 2020/12/24 Read
Chapter 30 2020/12/20 Read
Chapter 29 2020/12/15 Read
Chapter 28 2020/12/03 Read
Chapter 27 2020/12/03 Read
Chapter 26 2020/12/03 Read
Chapter 25 2020/12/03 Read
Chapter 24 2020/12/03 Read
Chapter 23 2020/12/03 Read
Chapter 22 2020/12/03 Read
Chapter 21 2020/12/03 Read
Chapter 20 2020/12/03 Read
Chapter 19 2020/12/03 Read
Chapter 18 2020/12/03 Read
Chapter 17 2020/12/03 Read
Chapter 16 2020/12/03 Read
Chapter 15 2020/12/03 Read
Chapter 14 2020/12/03 Read
Chapter 13 2020/12/03 Read
Chapter 12 2020/12/03 Read
Chapter 11 2020/12/03 Read
Chapter 10 2020/12/03 Read
Chapter 9 2020/12/03 Read
Chapter 8 2020/12/03 Read
Chapter 7 2020/12/03 Read
Chapter 6 2020/12/03 Read
Chapter 5 2020/12/03 Read
Chapter 4 2020/12/03 Read
Chapter 3 2020/12/03 Read
Chapter 2 2020/12/03 Read
Chapter 1 2020/12/03 Read
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Ignore the reviews that tell you to skip chapters. Thats a pretty big red flag that tells you they aren't reviewing it properly and aren't thinking straight (hell, if you had to skip chapters, those they suggested are definitely not the ones).
Reply · Feb 27, 2021

This is no good, skip to chapter 6 as averything up to then is just what happends before the time loop that gets deleted because of the time loop, so it doesnt got anything to do with the story, all those 6 chapters says is, evil fake daughter shows up, she wins the heart of the maids and such and uses them to squeeze the real daughter out of the family with leies and stuff, she enda up being the reason the real daughter gets executed.
Reply · Nov 08, 2020

Overall the story is still pretty generic by chapter 18. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it. It was just...nice. My main 2 issues with this story were the pacing and the characters. The beginning spent way to much time on the past and I got a bit annoyed. After the flash backs ended it felt like events were just happening one after another, without trying to establish a linear chain of events.
Reply · Oct 26, 2020

I would read the first chapter and then skip to the sixth – you’ll be a little confused, but it’s better (to me) than having to rehash an entire history that gets wiped with a timeloop. There’s a lot to say about this manhwa, about the good art and the heroine changing her destiny- but it’s unfortunate. She’s a sheltered, spoiled, rich child with 0 social skills and the author does a very good job at making her an oblivious, foolish young teenage girl and showing her flaws. Easily scammed by a pretty man’s face and not really knowing what to do in most situations. It’s interesting to see her try to take charge of her life, after getting a second chance. But it’s really annoying to deal with the dramatic irony that makes you feel ‘wow, this main character is an idiot’ constantly. The magic subplot is interesting, and you want to find out more, but the author wastes a lot of time with frivolity. So, I would definitely say that overall, this is for younger teenage girls who aren’t picky readers. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t stand out very much. Definitely, you’re more likely to stay for the episodic comedy and cutesiness than plot.
Reply · Oct 19, 2020

I just love all the stories, characters, and the arts. I was read this just for wasting my time, but after read 6 chapter, it's become addictive. Its hurt to see the Heroine suffer for her entire life just for pleasing his dad. I hope it Will be a happy ending 🖤🖤🖤
Reply · Oct 14, 2020

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