Alt names: O Começo Após o Final, O Começo Depois do Fim, TBATE, 三岁开始做王者, 最強の王様、二度目の人生は何をする?, 끝이 아닌 시작,
Author: TurtleMe
Artist: Fuyuki23
Genre: Tragedy Isekai Fantasy Adventure Action
Demographic: Shounen
Format: Web Comic Long Strip Full Color Adaptation
Name Published date
Chapter 175g 2023/04/15 Read
Chapter 175e - Bonus: Valentine's Day 2023/02/17 Read
Chapter 175 2023/01/25 Read
Chapter 174 2023/01/15 Read
Chapter 173 2023/01/05 Read
Chapter 172 2022/12/26 Read
Chapter 171 2022/12/16 Read
Chapter 170 2022/12/06 Read
Chapter 169 2022/11/25 Read
Chapter 168 2022/11/18 Read
Chapter 167 2022/11/11 Read
Chapter 166 2022/11/04 Read
Chapter 165 2022/10/21 Read
Chapter 164 2022/10/14 Read
Chapter 163 2022/10/07 Read
Chapter 162 2022/09/30 Read
Chapter 161 2022/09/23 Read
Chapter 160 2022/09/17 Read
Chapter 159 2022/09/09 Read
Chapter 158 2022/09/02 Read
Chapter 157 2022/08/26 Read
Chapter 156 2022/08/19 Read
Chapter 155 2022/08/12 Read
Chapter 154 2022/07/15 Read
Chapter 153 2022/07/08 Read
Chapter 152 2022/07/01 Read
Chapter 151 2022/06/24 Read
Chapter 150 2022/06/17 Read
Chapter 149 2022/06/10 Read
Chapter 148 2022/06/03 Read
Chapter 147 2022/05/27 Read
Chapter 146 2022/05/20 Read
Chapter 145 2022/05/13 Read
Chapter 144 2022/05/06 Read
Chapter 143 2022/04/29 Read
Chapter 142 2022/04/22 Read
Chapter 141 2022/04/15 Read
Chapter 140 2022/04/07 Read
Chapter 139 2022/04/01 Read
Chapter 138 2022/03/25 Read
Chapter 137 2022/03/18 Read
Chapter 136 2022/03/11 Read
Chapter 135 2022/03/04 Read
Chapter 134 2022/02/25 Read
Chapter 133 2022/02/18 Read
Chapter 132 2022/02/11 Read
Chapter 131 2022/02/04 Read
Chapter 130 2022/01/28 Read
Chapter 129 2022/01/21 Read
Chapter 128 2022/01/14 Read
Chapter 127 2022/01/07 Read
Chapter 126 2021/12/31 Read
Chapter 125 2021/10/15 Read
Chapter 124 2021/10/08 Read
Chapter 123 2021/10/01 Read
Chapter 122 2021/09/24 Read
Chapter 121 2021/09/17 Read
Chapter 120 2021/09/10 Read
Chapter 119 2021/09/03 Read
Chapter 118 2021/08/27 Read
Chapter 117 2021/08/20 Read
Chapter 116 2021/08/13 Read
Chapter 115 2021/08/06 Read
Chapter 114 2021/07/30 Read
Chapter 113 2021/07/09 Read
Chapter 112 2021/07/02 Read
Chapter 111 2021/06/25 Read
Chapter 110 2021/06/18 Read
Chapter 109 2021/06/11 Read
Chapter 108 2021/06/04 Read
Chapter 107 2021/05/28 Read
Chapter 106 2021/05/21 Read
Chapter 105 2021/05/14 Read
Chapter 104 2021/05/07 Read
Chapter 103 2021/04/30 Read
Chapter 102 2021/04/23 Read
Chapter 101 2021/04/16 Read
Chapter 100 2021/04/09 Read
Chapter 99 2021/04/03 Read
Chapter 98 2021/03/26 Read
Chapter 97 2021/03/20 Read
Chapter 96 2021/03/20 Read
Chapter 95 2021/03/20 Read
Chapter 94 2021/03/20 Read
Chapter 93 2021/03/20 Read
Chapter 92 2021/03/20 Read
Chapter 91 2021/03/20 Read
Chapter 90 2021/03/20 Read
Chapter 89 2021/03/20 Read
Chapter 88 2021/03/20 Read
Chapter 87 2021/03/20 Read
Chapter 86 2021/03/20 Read
Chapter 85 2021/03/20 Read
Chapter 84 2020/11/21 Read
Chapter 83 2020/11/14 Read
Chapter 82 2020/11/07 Read
Chapter 81 2020/11/07 Read
Chapter 80 2020/11/07 Read
Chapter 79 2020/10/17 Read
Chapter 78 2020/10/10 Read
Chapter 77 2020/10/04 Read
Chapter 76 2020/10/02 Read
Chapter 75 2020/09/19 Read
Chapter 74 2020/09/12 Read
Chapter 73 2020/09/06 Read
Chapter 72 2020/08/29 Read
Chapter 71 2020/08/25 Read
Chapter 70 2020/08/14 Read
Chapter 69 2020/08/08 Read
Chapter 68 2020/08/04 Read
Chapter 67 2020/07/28 Read
Chapter 66 2020/07/28 Read
Chapter 65 2020/07/28 Read
Chapter 64 2020/07/10 Read
Chapter 63 2020/06/28 Read
Chapter 62 2020/06/28 Read
Chapter 61 2020/06/14 Read
Chapter 60 2020/06/13 Read
Chapter 59 2020/06/04 Read
Chapter 58 2020/06/04 Read
Chapter 57 2020/06/04 Read
Chapter 56 2020/03/17 Read
Chapter 55 - Lesser 2020/03/09 Read
Chapter 54 - Become Strong 2020/03/05 Read
Chapter 53 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 52 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 51 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 50 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 49 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 48 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 47 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 46 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 45 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 44 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 43 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 42 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 41 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 40 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 39 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 38 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 37 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 36 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 35 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 34 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 33 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 32 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 31 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 30 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 29 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 28 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 27 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 26 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 25 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 24 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 23 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 22 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 21 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 20 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 19 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 18 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 17 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 16 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 15 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 14 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 13 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 12 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 11 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 10 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 9 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 8 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 7 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 6 2020/02/24 Read
Chapter 5 2019/03/29 Read
Chapter 4 2019/03/29 Read
Chapter 3 2019/03/29 Read
Chapter 2 2019/03/29 Read
Chapter 1 2019/03/29 Read
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I usually don't give reviews but this manga is awesome. The earlier chapters of seeing little Arthur and his family moments is adorable. Sylvie is cute. The art gets better as the story progresses. I will give it a solid 10.
Reply · Jan 15, 2023

It was honestly a very enjoyable isekai, for the actual feeling of experiencing childhood again, being talented beyond your years was the primary mechanism for the character's rapid improvement. -The first 3rd when Art is a child are 4.5/5 stars. I really enjoyed it; the only fault is the very cookie-cut world building. -The last 3rd just really takes a dive for me, I found myself skimming some chapters, the plot was built on increasingly lazy world building. It just lost it's feelings and felt like a clunky cliche. I gave a high overall score because I really enjoyed the first 2/3rd. It takes a dip in quality near the end, and from what I hear in the writing it doesn't go back uphill from there ~ so I dropped.
Reply · Dec 25, 2022

On 10 I'd give this a 11.....and more
Reply · Dec 19, 2022

Acctually is up to chapter 380 can buy the books which are 1:1 the chapters on amazon, for some reason not listed
Reply · Dec 04, 2022

The character relations are good but I feel like the character backrounds should be more complex (maybe the plot just hasnt got to it yet tho)
Reply · Nov 11, 2022

I'm making this review as someone who BARELY reads cultivation(is that the genre?) manhwa, so dont flame me and hear me out. As of the 151 chapters Ive binged of this manhwa, I have enjoyed it, is it a 10/10? Definitely not, but there were some moments that kept me on edge and had me almost screaming out because of how MC was portrayed.
Reply · Oct 28, 2022

Best one of the best Webtoon there is everyone must read this , Good story, Good mc, no Bitch , good world building 🔥
Reply · Aug 23, 2022

This is a fantastic webcomic, but I won't lie, it starts out as a very generic isekai plot. However what makes it truly great is that it maintains that early entertainment value throughout the comic. It doesn't taper off or go on weird and unnecessary side plots, not does the story lose the reader partway through. The story is extremely compelling, the art is great, and the characters don't fall behind either. It's fantastic, and will continue to be fantastic for a long time in the future (I should know, I read the novel and the comic!).
Reply · Aug 10, 2022

I dont understand why it is so popular. It follows a script that is so common I can name at least 3 other stories that follow it. Continents, unfathomably powerful being(s) helping the protagonsit, elf princess being saved, academy (mc is besties with headmaster), protagonist becomes overpowered, protag is a child with a loving family... Keep in mind I havent read this for at least half a year and my memory is known for being terrible. This is how common this script is. I give this a 0 because I plan to give all the others a 0 as well, exept for Hellmode due to the uniquness of the system.
Reply · Jul 31, 2022

First few arcs dont feel original but enjoyable. Then they played off the problem with being reborn in another world and it started to feel solid and more original.
Reply · Jun 25, 2022

Honestly I've spent the past few days reading up all the way to the current chapter, 149. I can easily say that I haven't come across a better Webtoon. You watch Art grow throughout his new life and you easily get attatched to the characters that he meets along the way. I wish that more of this was out because 149 left my heart actually longing for more. I can't wait for this story to continue.
Reply · Jun 14, 2022

This Manga is really good I as a person barely cry but this manga literally made my heart melt when Art was reunited with his family just a amazing manga.
Reply · Jun 09, 2022

This Manga is really good I as a person barely cry but this manga literally made my heart melt when Art was reunited with his family just a amazing manga.
Reply · Jun 09, 2022

This Manga is really good I as a person barely cry but this manga literally made my heart melt when Art was reunited with his family just a amazing manga.
Reply · Jun 09, 2022

the only reason i dropped this is because i couldnt wait a week for a new chapters. so i read my first light novel and boy is it good i definitly recommend read the manga and then the LN, you wont regret it
Reply · May 29, 2022

The Beginning After the End is sooo good and one of the few OEL´s I actually like! I think it is my favorite OEL actually!?
Reply · Apr 08, 2022

The start of this manga is literally the same as Mushoku Tensei, from the way this manga started, how the kid was a genius and he started reading books from his home, how his dad taught him sword fight, how his mom has healing powers, how he destroyed his house, how his parents tried to find him a mentor, etc.
Reply · Mar 24, 2022

This review is going to include spoilers from the light novel. It quite frankly does not deserve its number two spot and once this point in the webtoon drops people are going to be mad.
Reply · Jan 03, 2022

As someone who was reading the webnovel when it first came out all those years ago on gravitytales, it pains me to give this a poor review, but IMO this is the best that I can give it. The beginning of the story is one of the best ones out there although it does take a lot of inspiration from others. I'd say its a 9/10 or even 10/10 until it gets to the school arc. It just completely falls off the rails and becomes a 2/10 for me during and after the school arc. If you want time to waste, read it and then if you start disliking it during the school arc, just drop it and make up your own conclusion to the story.
Reply · Dec 31, 2021

This shit right here is the definition of brain-dead entertainment. Seriously, what kind of lack of mental capacity does it take to enjoy this?
Reply · Dec 07, 2021

This shit right here is the definition of brain-dead entertainment. Seriously, what kind of lack of mental capacity does it take to enjoy this?
Reply · Dec 07, 2021

It has all the makings of something above average but is being held back by spending a lot of time getting nothing of real value done. 120+ chapters and nothing other than fluff, show off, power up, get annihilated, repeat the entire way, which is fine for a crappy run-of-the-mill isekai, but this is so close to not being that yet falls flat anyway.
Reply · Dec 01, 2021

Do I like this story? Yes. Is most of it just recycled? Yes. Is the art particularly good? Not really. Is the storytelling good? It's decent.
Reply · Nov 28, 2021

at first the plot was good and interesting (i personally really like action so this genre really engages with me) but then the romance kicked in. im not saying i dropped it simply because there is love in it but because of the dilemas like how old arthur is including his past life, the fact that there are multiple female candidates whho will just end up fighting over him because thats how it usually goes. and for some that could be something interesting but not for me:( i also personally dont enjoy the romance as its off putting from the action in my opinion. the art is really good and not including the love mess the characters are pretty good too (yes, even including the cliche ones). thanks for coming to my TED talk :)
Reply · Oct 05, 2021

After all the hype this series recieved I was completely disasspointed.
Reply · Oct 02, 2021

I really like this manga (manhwa). It's so wholesome and just overall good story. The fights are awesome, the villians are so good, the sheer amount of flexing is superb. great character development, great love interest. all in all very great. also the art is *chefs kiss* The plot just keeps thickening into this amazing thick stew of sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, and action and I love how it isn't a huge cliche. Every twist and turn is unpredictable yet always makes sense and I find my whole week revolving around Friday when the new novel chapter releases. I recommend it to everyone and I can't stress enough how good this series is. SO underrated wtf.
Reply · Sep 20, 2021

Pretty much the same stuff as 99% of this type of webcomic; interesting initial concept and good art, but painfully mediocre and subpar everthing else. Almost all the characters are predicitable, unlikeable, and uninteresting, and pretty much the same with the story, plot, themes, etc. Saying it's good because "it does well" compared to other trash rpg isekais is like calling someone smart because they can outwit a fish; the bar is just too low to compare it. The emptiness of this story makes it feel like any other progression webcomic that follows this similar format. In fact, it's pretty much the embodiment of the Buzz lightyear clones meme, but idk maybe this "buzz lightyear" is shinier than the rest, but who can tell?
Reply · Sep 14, 2021

This is one of my favorite reads ever! A King named King Grey died in his previous life and reincarnated as a young baby named Arthur or preferred as 'Art'. I love this manhwa so much! The story itself provides a lot of warmth and comfort and beware to cry, because I cried near the beginning. This manhwa has a lot of life lessons, as well as an OP Protagonist, but he still has room for development. His relationships between his family and peers are pure itself, and his enemies has no chance against him. I can't wait for new updates!
Reply · Aug 25, 2021

It's a really good isekei manhwa for beginners,i would greatly recommend this to those who are new to comic/manga/manhwa genre.
Reply · Jul 23, 2021

So the review is for manga+light novel. 113 chapters of manga cover 65 chapters of ln, while I read upto 210 chapters in ln. Till chapter 140 in ln, the story, characters etc are 8.5/10. I was putting this isekai among the best isekai till then, even comparing it with overlord, slime, bookworm. And I was so happy, it is a much better version of mushoku tensei. But after chapter 140, the story becomes really average, slow. I wish they left the novel unfinished, instead of making it so bland and bad. From 140 to 210 ln chapters, its 5/10. So, overall, gave it 7/10
Reply · Jul 18, 2021

This is a great manga if you can't wait to see the next chapter look at the light novel. I was over a hundred in the manga bud when I started to read the light novel I was only on chapter 60. So it might take you a while to find you place. I just started chapter 300. Sorry I can't tell you anything it might be a spoiler. The one thing I am going to say is the stuff a the academy is pretty bad. You have to keep ready though. After that it is a bumpy ride of emotions. I even cried when wait that's a spoiler. So just keep reading it is a great manga and light novel.
Reply · Jun 29, 2021

This series surprised me quite a bit. I thought it was going to just be a copy of other isekai-esk series but it used the cooky cutter mold to make something interesting. The characters are likeable and realistic but the art left something to be desired. The art feels a little flat for the first quarter of It. But it picks up the quality in the fight Scenes. And by the time you catch up to current the art has improved a great deal. The one thing I can't stop thinking is the similarities to "Mushuko Tensei - Jobless Reincarnation" the details differ but the over arching story's are vary similar. That being said it is different in a lot of ways. This series is definitely worth a read and I can't wait for more.
Reply · May 29, 2021

Amazing isekai. It seems to have some Chinese influence since before getting isekaid the mc was a cultivator that practiced martial arts. Good art, no annoying character and side chicks, mc is not naive or stupid.
Reply · May 01, 2021

I literaly have no words to descrieb this manga...IT'S SO GOOD, IT'S ONE OF MY FAVORITE MANGAS EVER. i recommend eveyone to try reading this. you won't regret it. Everything is good, from the plot to the art and characters. It all matchs and keeps you engaged the whole time. I usually get bored easly and find it hard to read mangas with a lot of chapters but for this one i was on chapter 102 before i knew it and know i'm waiting for a new chapter to be released... if you don't know what pain is, this is pain having to wait to read the next chapterrrrr.
Reply · Apr 29, 2021

The story of the manga is really captivating it brings a lot of emotions from the characters that transmit to the reader
Reply · Apr 14, 2021

my god, this manga is amazing. i have read iskeis inwhich the past life has little impact on their current life, but no this one. the main character was once a king and you can tell that the power of being a king has followed him to his next life. its full of powerful moments and loving characters. the main character is also quiet good looking.
Reply · Apr 10, 2021

Undoubtedly the best isekai manga in the world. Honestly, I started reading it and can't stop and read 85 chapters in one go. The greatness of this can't be compared.
Reply · Apr 09, 2021

Till chapter 80-85 I would rate this 9 out of 10. But I made the mistake of reading the novel while I couldn't wait for the webtoon chapters to come out. And the way the story develops; made me feel that the author was hit by a brick on the head or something.
Reply · Apr 05, 2021

ITS SO GOODD AGHHHHH side comment: its the first time I have seen a reincarnation manga/anime/etc have the mc not attracted to the girls around his age, it was WELL refreshing
Reply · Apr 04, 2021

Okay so... This manga is amazing so far. I just could not put it down, it was just so fast paced. It was gripping, thought provoking, frustrating, and also hilarious. The art was so pretty. I cannot wait for more chapters!
Reply · Apr 04, 2021

solid isekai about a king getting his power back and then some. It's not much different from the others but I had a blast reading it, from the characters to mc is a little OP.
Reply · Apr 01, 2021

If you want to read a story about a person who has great abilities, a person who has gone through plenty of hardships for the abilities. This would be the story for you, the story arch and the characters are all woven together you can see the authors' imagination come alive and see how much thought they put into every little detail into this world they have created. there are some times where characters you can obviously see their role in the story a bit too well. it becomes obvious to see the Bad Guy a bit too easily I won't give spoilers so I can't explain too much, yet this isn't that big of a deal because all of the characters all have their backstories really filled. This series is great and I suggest you give it a read.
Reply · Mar 24, 2021

First of all, I have no idea how is this thing so popular and has such good reviews, when "hardly even mediocre" could sustain as an evaluation for this work. Probably a lot of people are not going to agree with me, but I believe that my review is not that subjective so it should be an Ok contrary to all these 10/10.
Reply · Mar 20, 2021

I love this manga, is one of the best isekai I ever read.The story is about a king, who died and got reborn in another world as a baby.just love it.
Reply · Mar 13, 2021

Interestingly cool story and manga. I did not expect to get into it this much. If you like recarnation stuff, this one is for you! I hope they won't twist the story and make it bad. At the same time, I want to read light novel version.
Reply · Mar 03, 2021

This is one of the best isekai I have ever read. The story is exciting and the characters is fun to follow. I personally love the art and overall it's really good. Would definitely recommend. :)
Reply · Feb 24, 2021

this has to be one of my favorites. i love everything about it- it's hard to explain, but it isn't like any cliche reincarnation story (he doesn't get insanely op at the start and you can see how he works for his powers). i would recommend reading it if you haven't already. hopefully, they make an anime out of this masterpiece.
Reply · Feb 19, 2021

The best way I could put this story is that it's incredibly frustrating. It has all the elements it needs to really be a compelling story but just falls flat, mostly due to the fact that the world is just so generic and assumes too much of the reader. But anyways, this story is worth reading so lets start with the pros
Reply · Feb 18, 2021

gud shit. Art gud. Story gud. Try dis out. Nice shit
Reply · Feb 10, 2021

It clearly deserves its second place. The mc is one of the best mc i've seen so far (and i've seen a lot), the plot is simple be the way the story evolves is well thought, interesting and almost never boring. But be careful the pace is quite strange and slow sometimes so it can be strange. But just read it it is TOTALLY worth it.
Reply · Feb 08, 2021

This is a story about a king reincarnation with memories intact but the best part is MC is not some half-hearted he is ruthless to the enemy or to be exact a savage character. I recommend everyone to read it once if u want to have isekai, reincarnation, fantasy, magic, op and most importantly a savage MC
Reply · Feb 07, 2021

Started off with the comic and got hooked immediately. Once I caught up to the comic, I started reading the novel and it was just as amazing. The MC doesn't get OP immediately and we get to see him work his way up to the top. Interesting plot and lovable characters. Loved it overall and definitely recommend this story to those who still haven't read it!
Reply · Feb 04, 2021

the best manga ever ! i hope Anime soon
Reply · Jan 28, 2021

I really love the main character, he gives me the goosebumps. He acts kind and all, but when someone pisses him off , he gives the ' You dare' glance . I really love those scenes . Overall, it's a great work , I give my thanks and gratitude who wrote such a story and made the art go with the story so well. Keep up the outstanding work(^•^)
Reply · Jan 17, 2021

Reply · Dec 30, 2020

Just fucking wow if you ain't read this yet I suggest you do ASAP
Reply · Dec 18, 2020

This manga is pretty good. I would recommend to anyone who likes isekai and anyone with good taste.
Reply · Dec 12, 2020

YES He's OP and a young kid (physical) to boot but I just can't get enough of the character's journey to train and garner power. The overall magic/power description or explanation is very well laid-out for readers to understand, IF IT GETS YOU EXCITED AND SHIT WHEN SOMEONE LEVELS UP this manhwa is for u
Reply · Dec 09, 2020

Best isekai what i ever read. I never tought i will be into some storie like i´m in this, but that storie and fight scenes are just amazing. Evrything make sense, not like usuall webtoons with overpowerd main characters
Reply · Nov 28, 2020

Oh only if there were more Isekai manhwa or manga like this one. Every this story regarding the Isekai genre is great. The characters are pretty well developed. The main characters personality strays away from the normal cliche one. The world building is pretty good. And the story itself is interesting to read.
Reply · Nov 25, 2020

I have read up to around chapter 240 in the light novel and I'm here to give the new ish people that come to this manga a heads up. Don't want to spoil any events but in my opinion, when this manga catches up, they should definitely add a tragedy tag before they completely catch everybody off guard. What happens around chapter 230 is such a turn off and so frustrating that I felt like I was just forcing my self to read it since I had already gone that far in. The beginning is definitely good and even the middle is appealing, but after that I think you should consider dropping it. I think that most people enjoy seeing a main character grow up working hard and succeeding in life, which is why I also read this, but don't forget I warned you when you end up punching your wall out of fury because your main character acted so imcompetently.
Reply · Nov 17, 2020

This manga which is about a king being reborn in another world. The protagonist Arthur, short Art(pre-rebirth: King Grey), is learning magic and fighting from a young age and is good at it since he can use his experiences from his former life in swordsmanship and the KI from his previous world is similiar to the mana in the world the story is taking place in. The characters have nice backgrounds that are getting more clear as the story moves on. Also the characters are developing over time. The story is very interesting: Not only is it very exciting but it also has a lot of events that make sense and dont just come out of nowhere like it often happens in such mangas. If u don't read this you will really miss a lot of joy and exitement. Have fun reading it! = )
Reply · Oct 30, 2020

This is pure art.
Reply · Aug 31, 2020

Like it I recommend this for someone looking for good mahwa to read like other isekai Manhwa it get worst every chapter and but this every chapter its only getting better like every chapter will make you stick to eat and want to see till the end it makes me excited everytime most of the time the author are only making it longer making the chapter so short most of the time Im getting bored after I catch up because every chapter is so short but this its worth the wait every week I can even say that this is better than solo leveling, this Manhwa remind me of the Manga mushoko tensei they are alike like there's a lot of time skip like it's not like other isekai where one time skip the Mc is already a teen like there is always a important event on his life
Reply · Aug 20, 2020

One of the best to read out there. Though there are many more novels/webtoons/mangas on rebirth but it is really worth reading once. Try few chapters and you will know how good it is.
Reply · Aug 17, 2020

When I first started reading I really wasn't expecting much, I was ready to drop it but I VERY QUICKLY fell in love with this manga. If I could give it more than 10 in story I would. The story is addictive with an extremely likable main character, I cannot wait for the next installments T^T...
Reply · Aug 08, 2020

I would say this is definitely one of the best rebirth stories. it reminded me of a mixture of other reincarnation manhwas I've read but it didn't seem like a copy of any of them, Arther or king grey is such a complex character to his core. the author didn't only tell you his lonely past but even his behaviour showed it. even further into the novel, it was one of the main developments his character went through. and I love how much attention the author gave this story universe explaining even aspect of 'mana' it felt like something that actually exists even race every power had a fundamental existence in that world and it didn't feel like they were added so they fill empty holes or elongate the story. just beautiful I would recommend it and the novel as well.
Reply · Jul 25, 2020

This story is one of the best you'll read
Reply · Jul 10, 2020

Honestly I feel like the manga ended in a weird spot maybe I should read the last chapter again to see but it was kinda unexpected. The art was really beautiful and the story line was good too. I really hope theres another season because it was just getting good so there HAS to be one because it ended in such a convinient spot for another chapter. Anyways since this is supposed to be a review, if you like suspense and cliffhangers I reccommend it or even if you have free time and nothing else to do during quarantine.
Reply · Apr 13, 2020

Honestly I feel like the manga ended in a weird spot maybe I should read the last chapter again to see but it was kinda unexpected. The art was really beautiful and the story line was good too. I really hope theres another season because it was just getting good so there HAS to be one because it ended in such a convinient spot for another chapter. Anyways since this is supposed to be a review, if you like suspense and cliffhangers I reccommend it or even if you have free time and nothing else to do during quarantine.
Reply · Apr 13, 2020

This manga is one of my favorite in the rebirth genre.
Reply · Apr 09, 2020

whoever wrote the synopsis was totally wrong, they barly mention his past life and it is prittymuch him wondering around the place doing waterver he wants
Reply · Apr 04, 2020

Incredible Manhwa wuth great arts, deep character development and it has a plot that is engaging, hard to let it go once you start reading it.
Reply · Mar 25, 2020

This is one of the manga's you'd want to never end. I don't usualy leave reviews , but this manga deserved it. Also , this is the only time I gave 10 to every single category.
Reply · Mar 20, 2020

An amazing story overall, I believe that the characters were my favorite part and they had very gut-wrenching(?) moments in the story. I believe my favorite character would definitely be Arthur considering the way his character is developed especially the part about him being a former king is done very well. I don't give long explanations but I felt this story was very amusing. When I binged this book in a day I felt as if nothing would've beaten it(improbably wrong). Also, I believe this is better or on the same level as Solo Leveling.
Reply · Mar 04, 2020

Absolutly love this! love the artwork i find his fightng style very interesting always something new in the storyline dosnt get stuck or boring.Very action and adventure story. and his baby dragon is adorable. storys super enjoyable!
Reply · Feb 09, 2020

The story and art are truly incredible💯.
Reply · Jan 14, 2020

One of my favourites to read! The story is enjoyable and interesting to read. A person who treasures bonds with others and strives to do what’s right. It’s a good read, I’d recommend you to read it as well! (^‿^)
Reply · Dec 05, 2019

This manga is one of my favorite in the rebirth genre. King Grey is reborn into the body of an infant in a new world, and given the name Art. Fe's able to use feir knowledge about ki from feir previous world to understand mana in this world. And fe's able to use feir combat experience from feir past life to eventually excel in martial arts. As is common in this genre, Art is seen as a prodigy with never-before-seen talent and early growth. People marvel at fem.
Reply · Nov 19, 2019

One of the most beautiful stories I've ever read. I just read the manga, currently the last chapter released was the 40. But I can hardly stop thinking about the brave so amazing. But I have a question that may be too early to ask and answer. But ... will anime come out of this fold? If so when? Guys sorry if you can't understand a few things.
Reply · Nov 19, 2019

I love this manga! Even the novel is so good. It was so good that sometimes I forgot to breathe when it comes to the action scenes. The puppy love romance in the novel makes me smile so wide and go "kyaa kyaa" too. Truly, this is the best isekai I've read. Not one of the best but "the best". I stumbled into this manga as I've been searching for the manga of The Trash of the Count's Family and I've noticed that it has a somewhat similar illustration of my favorite novel TTofCF but the story of these two are so different. I still read it though and boy was I so glad that I read it! This is definitely one of the mangas that I totally want to sponsor/donate!
Reply · Jun 02, 2019

This is really good. I hope for much more in the future. Kid is op as heck. He is like only 5 or 4 idk. but he is hella young. Pretty good just way to short.
Reply · May 18, 2019

This is one of the best isekai I ever read. The story is about a king, who died and got REBORN in another world as a baby. That's one of the reason i want to recomend this manga. You can see our character grow. This story is funny and sad, you will laught and cry. I highly resomending this manga. It kind of reminds me of mushoku tensei tho, but this is really good too.
Reply · Mar 01, 2019

This is one of the best isekai I ever read. The story is about a king, who died and got REBORN in another world as a baby. That's one of the reason i want to recomend this manga. You can see our character grow. This story is funny and sad, you will laught and cry. I highly resomending this manga. It kind of reminds me of mushoku tensei tho, but this is really good too.
Reply · Mar 01, 2019

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