Alt names: Aku Level Up Sendiri, Ben yanlız gelişirim, Grinding Sendiri, I Alone Level Up, I Alone Level-Up, I Level Up Alone, Na Honjaman Level Up, Na Honjaman Rebereop, Nguli Sendiri, Only I Level Up, Singur Îmi Ridic Nivelul, SL, Solo Levelling, Tek Başına Seviye Atlamak, Поднятие уровня в одиночку, الإرتقاء بالمستوى منفردًا, سولو لولینگ, سولو ليفيلنغ, من به تنهایی لول‌آپ می‌کنم, 俺だけレベルアップな件, 我独自升级, 나 혼자만 레벨업,
Author: Jang Sung-lak
Artist: Jang Sung-Rak (REDICE Studio)
Genre: Fantasy Adventure Action
Demographic: Shounen
Format: Web Comic Long Strip Full Color Award Winning Adaptation
Name Published date
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Chapter 13 X
Reply · Nov 08, 2022

chapter 9 x
Reply · Nov 04, 2022

chapter 2 x
Reply · Sep 30, 2022

chapter 1 x
Reply · Sep 30, 2022

This is a must-read, trust me
Reply · Jun 26, 2022

This is masterpiece....10/10 from me...highly recomend....you wont be dissepointed
Reply · Jun 10, 2022

This is almost everything I want in a manhwa.
Reply · May 25, 2022

Certainly one of the best reads I've ever done, despite all the flaws, I think that only leveling can easily be considered a must when it comes to manhwa.
Reply · May 18, 2022

this is the only manhwa that got me excited like a little kid whenever a new chapter releases, it truly deserves to be the best manhwa there is.
Reply · May 16, 2022

this is the only manhwa that got me excited like a little kid whenever a new chapter releases, it truly deserves to be the best manhwa there is.
Reply · May 16, 2022

Absolutamente genial. Recuerdo el tiempo en el que estuvo de moda, y por alguna razón (sobre todo porque todo sobre fantasía estaba de moda) decidí no leerla. Esperé mucho hasta que vi que lo estaban sacando en físico, el mismo arte que tiene de por si me gusta, así que con los dos primeros capítulos quedé enganchada. ¡No puedo creer que lo hubiese retrasado tanto! Me lo leí en dos días, cielos, terminé con una jaqueca de los mil demonios.
Reply · Apr 20, 2022

Thoughts: Okay, don't kill me for saying this, but realistically speaking this manhwa probably doesn't deserve an all-around 10 from anybody as it's lacking in a lot of areas from plot line to character development - doesn't mean I didn't love it though, because I was totally obsessed upon finishing. I'm just saying, a 10 might be pushing the envelope once you start looking at the story from a technical standpoint, but not everyone does that so if you're looking for the point in which I push aside all of the crap down below, here it is, I freaking loved this manhwa and super recommend you give it a chance. Now that that's over here's an actual review review of the whole thing.
Reply · Apr 03, 2022

I loved the story, the character building, the monsters and even the ending even though it wasn't the same as the novel. It was beautifully drawn, and the emotions were captured exquisitely. People could relate to Sung Jin-Woo from being weak and the desire to be strong. As he got to be the strongest you couldn't help but be happy for him. The plot is amazing even though complicated. It's an amazing fantasy epic and I can't wait for the anime.
Reply · Feb 09, 2022

Solo Leveling is a manhwa that people very much like, those that they hate, and the individuals who fall somewhere in the middle, neither loving nor hating Solo Leveling. For me, it's Solo Leveling properly that drives my passion for Manhua and Manhwa. We'll now examine the good and bad things about solo leveling. The good thing about the manhwa is the quality of the art and the fact that you read it from top to bottom which is even better. I like the fact that the main character is not just strong as a god, but you can see the main character's development from being weak to becoming strong. There are two different fights, one that is highly hyped and one that is fine but could have been longer or more intense. The bad thing, in my opinion, is the fights are very predictable since when a side character is dying, the main character always shows up at some point in the fight. My biggest disappointment is visuals won't be the problem but the story. The characters were thrown into the story without depth/development. There was little depth or development among the characters, and many of them (especially the antagonists) were killed instantly without leaving an impact on the reader.
Reply · Jan 29, 2022

It was one of the best and i was so sad when i saw the last chapter. Actually it's just one of the greatest that i read, everything was good and the art was something incredible. I recommend you this manga and you can't just not read this one.
Reply · Jan 22, 2022

I really liked it the art is beautiful and the story hits all the right notes. The only downside is it feels rushed especially towards the end. I really wish they had taken more time, I would have liked to spend more time watching the main character's development and also the side characters fleshed out more.
Reply · Jan 20, 2022

This story will forever have a special place in my heart. I love this manhwa with the entirety of my heart; and while that may not mean much to you I sincerely implore you to read it as it might just find its way into yours as well☺️
Reply · Jan 06, 2022

The first 10 chapters are captivating; they manage to draw your attention and hold it there, each arc the MC changes a bit and grows as a person, the supporting characters are fine and they all add something to the story more or less, but i can't help but hate how it was cut short and we can't see what the character does with his life post-end, i liked from day one and i still do, but i hate how it ended so i can't give it a perfect 10.
Reply · Jan 03, 2022

A masterpiece, enough said
Reply · Dec 30, 2021

Reply · Dec 29, 2021

Solo Leveling is a tough story to appraise. It takes a number of tried-and-true tropes in stride and produces something simultaneously unique and yet completely predictable. In a way, it's the purest essence of the tropes it embodies.
Reply · Dec 28, 2021

Reply · Dec 28, 2021

this is the best action manga I've read till now, if u didn't read it you missing out on the good part of life, and still waiting for the next chapter to come out, and the art is the best part like literally the best. <3
Reply · Oct 11, 2021

Definitely one of my favorite manhwas ever! Spoiler, maybe?: It's about Sung Jinwoo. He used to have the title "The Worst Hunter in the World", until a gate turned out to be a Double Lair! Not many survived this, and Sung Jinwoo wasn't supposed to have! Go read if you want to know more! In my opinion it isn't overrated in any way, the characters are extremely relatable, the story is addicting, and the art is exceptional! I would classify it as an isekai tho. But if you are a fan, you should absolutely read this one!
Reply · Sep 11, 2021

I love this story, It roped me in the 1st chapter and it just kept getting better and better. This is the one series that I try and kept track of, I've re-read this at least 5 times. I highly recommend this manhwa to people who want to start reading manga and when one finish just look at other recommendation on here. Trust, it good.
Reply · Sep 02, 2021

I like the drawings of the manga as if i was watching an anime i like the story and the main character is so op,the characters relationship is good . I am waiting eagerly for the anime to release
Reply · Aug 18, 2021

This is a really great manhwa, highly recommend the art is great, the characters are great, the story seems to stick with its plot. It got a 10 for me.
Reply · Jul 10, 2021

The MC is so handsome and so cool when dealing with monsters. He is so unpredictable. This is definitely a must-read.
Reply · Jun 29, 2021

Now I personally really like solo leveling. If i was to give it a score based on my enjoyment it would most definitely be a 10/10 but when you break it down it has some flaws. I see comments like "its just your typical weak to strong" and I'm pretty sure thats not what was supposed to be focused on storywise. Its like you're forgetting literally every single other aspect of the story. The story is about Sung Jin-Woo and how he's figuring out the reason the world is how the world is. He needs to find what the 'system' is and he knows that theres an even higher power than the monsters inside the gates. Why're they there? and such. As every story has its strengths, (One Piece and its world building, etc.) solo levelings strength is a good mc. There's most likely a reason why Sung Jin-Woo was chosen to recieve powers from the system. If any other hunter recieved the powers that Sung Jin-Woo did, they would bring chaos to the world. I think Solo Leveling has an op main character done right. In a world of powers, its hard not to lose yourself, your humanity. The more powerful you get, the more ruthless you get and I think it may also be a conflict of wanting to protect loved ones, but getting more powerful causes you to need to be ruthless. Although Sung Jin-Woo has become so powerful, he still greatly cares for his family. He's willing to go against a world of top class hunters for his family. Now, I am now reading the novel but I have yet to get past where the manhwa is so I'm not sure about later, but I still rest my case. Solo Leveling is a gripping story that makes you want to read "just one more" episode. I bingeread it in a day because of how good it is. Sung Jin-Woo is a good and genuine character and he didnt let the power get too much to his head. It makes you fully support him, making the battles even more exciting. the way you root for him and scream in excitement is definitely an amazing characteristic of this series. as my review says, art is a 10/10, i love the style. the main characters and side characters are all enjoyable, seeing how much Jin-Woo levels up and how everyone begins to respect him makes it so satisfying to read. I think the slight romance between him and Cha Hae-In is very cute. the story shows the clear contrast between a man who struggled as an E-rank and then reawakened and the other S-rankers who are all mostly arrogant and narcisistic. Alright I'm done I hope this was a little informative with as little spoilers as I could (I thought the Cha Hae-In thing was borderline but that is kind of important for the character part) I definitely reccomend this, theres a reason it gets all this hype. I think Solo Leveling deserves all the hype it gets and its a great read. Its my favourite webcomic by far, and thats a statement because I've read so so many. Aight bye
Reply · Jun 27, 2021

The best in the world OOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPP
Reply · May 18, 2021

This is a power fantasy. Nothing more, nothing less. It does a power fantasy very well, and it knows what it is. It's not trying to be some deep narrative with amazing characters. It knows why people are reading it. I actually quite enjoy this manhwa.
Reply · May 15, 2021

This manhwa is outstanding. It's one of my favorites. Ok for people who didn't like reading this I understand you as a person who absolutely adores this manhwa. I understand that some people don't like the fact that the MC is super strong/overpowered and I get that. But it's all up to personal preference. Personally, I really like these types of books where the MC is super weak at first then something happens then they become super powerful. I think that the story is pretty solid but the author stretched it out. What I mean by that is that it's kinda long and after 50+ chapters or so you might get bored of the MC. But other than that I really like the story. Now let us talk about the art, I personally really like the art. They draw the graphic scenes very well. Also if you don't like looking at the blood I would not recommend you read this story. Overall I really like the art it's pretty detailed and neat. Let us talk about the characters, all of the characters can be really annoying at times. The MC is hm how do I put this, his personality is interesting. It's not how normal people would think lol. The others characters are ok but they're not the best you know. Overall this story is really good.
Reply · May 02, 2021

My level of amusement regarding this story is right at "I'm willing to reread over 100+ chapters just to be refreshed on the story"; so, I would say it's pretty great. I enjoy stories like these with the concept of rpg in real life and op main characters kicking ass after being looked down on. If that's your thing, you'll enjoy it too. ~☆
Reply · May 01, 2021


Reply · Apr 29, 2021

one of the best manga's (manhwa) i read!
Reply · Apr 19, 2021

When I first heard of solo leveling, I in no way determined why it becomes so wonderful. I consider studying the first few panels of it ages ago and giving it up. but in advance these 12 months I gave it a risk it truly deserves and man it's flipping terrific. the tale revolves around the primary individual being the weakest adventurer and at some point on a task to clean a dungeon, he and his crew come upon a hidden region, and this adjustment his existence absolutely. in case you're partial to shounen and powering up you may really love this. the art can speak for itself clearly. the fine art I have seen in any webtoon. every panel is in order that exact and beautiful to examine. the solo leveling action manga chapters layout and improvement become additionally quite tremendous. Overall I loved it.
Reply · Apr 07, 2021

This was one of the first mangas that I read about the mc you know dying then having a cheat system in his (next life/repeat)
Reply · Mar 25, 2021

Best damn weak-to-strong I've ever read!
Reply · Mar 24, 2021

It's great. My favourite webtoon and the only one where I can't make myself wait for chapters to stack and have to read it everytime it updates. But...
Reply · Mar 21, 2021

I scrolled through the 12 pages of reviews and found that 80-90% of the reviews were "omg it's so good everything is so perfect you should absolutely read it". I also found that the number reviews actually giving feedback and constructive critisicm on the story was lacking. So i thought it might be helpful if put in my two cents, while also speaking logically.
Reply · Mar 18, 2021

When a good anime end with an unexpected cliffhanger like ending.. It just turns excitement to disappointment..
Reply · Mar 01, 2021

Solo Leveling (Only I Level Up) is an action-fantasy manhwa that centers around the setting of a world slowly getting dominated by dungeons. We start off with our weak E-rank main character, Sung Jin Woo, who was mysteriously saved from a near-to-death experience in one of his dungeon raids. He gets stronger, gains an army of his own, and becomes ridiculously overpowered. This review may contain spoilers, and you have been warned.
Reply · Feb 20, 2021

Solo Leveling (Only I Level Up) is an action-fantasy manhwa that centers around the setting of a world slowly getting dominated by dungeons. We start off with our weak E-rank main character, Sung Jin Woo, who was mysteriously saved from a near-to-death experience in one of his dungeon raids. He gets stronger, gains an army of his own, and becomes ridiculously overpowered. This review may contain spoilers, and you have been warned.
Reply · Feb 20, 2021

Story (8): I think overall the story is well balanced between both world building and the arcs our mc goes through. At times I did feel as if they added a few parts that didn't necessarily have to be there but were put in to exaggerate a point further. I haven't read the novel but have looked up the ending out of curiosity which further reinforces me giving it a 8.
Reply · Feb 19, 2021

Alright, the reviews for this manga tend to be in either one of two categories. "This manga is complete garbage and only serves as an edgy power fantasy," and "This is one of the best manga/manhwa ever made; an utter masterpiece." While I'm not saying every review is like this, that tends to be most of what I see. Personally, I have enjoyed it a lot so far and will explain why below. Considering the site splits things into the categories of story, art, characters, and overall for me, I will just explain why I put each of the numbers where they are. Story: So the story for Solo Leveling is pretty basic. Not including the fact that it changes up what has done many times before very little, as I think that is a poor way to go about reviewing things, it doesn't exactly contain many interesting plot points. While it is not anything special, I would in no way say it is bad. It is a bland, but functional foundation on which the rest of the aspects of the manhwa can be placed. Overall, if your interest in stories is purely for the sake of an enthralling story, this is not gonna be your cup of tea. Art: Nothing needs to be said that has not already been said. The art in this manhwa is so phenomenal that even the very harsh reviews I have seen can't help but begrudgingly mention it's quality. If you ignored all of the text bubbles and just looked at the art, you would probably find yourself still enjoying the experience. Definitely deserves a 10/10. Characters: Similar to the story, the characters are not exactly bad, just a bit generic. In terms of the main character, people tend to either love him or hate him, and to be honest I see the points of both sides. His sudden character shift in the early chapters did seem quite strange, but I don't feel as though it is completely unjustified. After all, if I were in his circumstances I could see myself changing in similar ways. Outside of the main character, there are some characters that tend to be higher in quality, and some that tend to be worse. Same deal with the Story section, if you came for character drama, then this manga is likely not for you. Overall: So, taking everything I have said into account, I think the score I gave it overall is justified. In the end, Soloi Leveling is a generic power fantasy story done fairly well, with absolutely breathtaking art to back it up. If you enjoy power fantasy, or just want something that is great to look at, I would definitely recommend giving it a read.
Reply · Jan 07, 2021

It Deserves Hype Solo Leveling, or I Level Up Alone is a colored manhwa, which has been publishing since March the 4th, 2018. And according to the story development, there is more than enough material for 2 more years, but this is only my assumption, of course. Anyways, on to the story, 10 years ago, a number of "Gates" appeared in the world. Along with the appearance of the gates, some people went through an awakening that gave them the power that exceeded human capabilities. ‘The awakened’ now have the goal to hunt monsters in the dungeons: some do it to earn a fortune, form a guild, some, however, only enjoy killing and do not see any reason in amassing their fortunes. Be that as it may, you can only be awakened once, after that your abilities are assessed and you get E, D, C, B, A and S ranks respectively. Training can enhance your skills, but as an E rank the probability of you becoming S rank is 0.0000001. Among the awakened, there is a legend that the awakened can be awakened again, they become reawakened, which gives them the power unimaginable. All the dungeons that the gates opened are assessed, too: there are E, D, C, B, A and S rank dungeons. (S rank dungeons are so difficult that even a group of S rank reawakened will probably fail to clear). Solo Leveling focuses on the weakest E rank hunter, Sung Jin-Woo, the world has ever known. He is not lazy, he tries to become stronger, however, nothing will ever help you to become stronger, if you are awakened as the weakest E rank. But he needs this miracle the most, he needs the power, but will he get it? Solo Leveling focuses on the most epic journey to the power of someone, who deserves it the most. Interesting Storyline Why is it interesting? There is one simple criterion I follow, when assessing a story: how predictable it is. Would you want to watch something long, would you want to read 110, or more chapters, when you already know how the said series/manga/whatever is going to end? The answer is no. Solo Leveling might sound generic; a world of superhumans and dungeons, who clear these dungeons to get money and power. Long story short, everything about Solo Leveling reminds you of any MMORPG you might have already played. However, it is not generic, Solo Leveling has never been generic and cliché, so far. It uses your cliché world of MMORPG games, but it changes it so much that it is very difficult to call it ‘cliché’. Of course, I am not going to give you a deeper analysis of anything about the storyline for very obvious reasons, but all I can say is that the world of Solo Leveling is special, there are many questions that you might think about, when reading the manhwa. So, long story short, what I am trying to say is that after reading 110 chapters, there are still many questions that the storyline has not yet touched upon and what is more you will never, I will repeat it one more time, you will never guess the right answer for these questions. The world of Solo Leveling is tremendous, beautiful and very dark. It Is Beautiful It took me only one day to marathon 110 chapters and it is not because of the fact that it is bad, Solo Leveling is one of these manhwa that is so good that you cannot stop reading; it is so good that you feel goosebumps all over your body; it is that cool. In these 110 chapters, the protagonist of the manhwa experienced just a little bit of everything, literally everything, the main protagonist changes so much from what he is in the 1st chapter and what he is the latest chapters. But enough of that, when reading manhwa, manga, or manhua, the first thing you ever pay attention to is, of course, the drawing. It might sound weird what I am going to say, but when reading Solo Leveling you feel like you are watching an anime; something made by ufotable, let us say. Solo Leveling is a colored manhwa and the art is just so well-made that it is more than obvious that the team that made the art for this manhwa is ingenious, the colors, character designs, everything, it just looks so awesome that you cannot simply stop reading because of how epic it is. All in all, I have never read a manga/manhwa/manhua that felt just so epic to watch. Solo Leveling is the manhwa that thinks about the reader: you will never feel bored, when reading it. When reading Solo Leveling, you either are reading something so epic that you simply cannot feel bored, or you might be thinking about the world of Solo Leveling, because there are quite enough things to analyze about the world of the said manhwa; there are just so many things going on, you will never have the time to be bored. It is worth your time, go read it right now.
Reply · Dec 24, 2020

Gotta say, its very well done. Close to my top ten serise of all time. I really dont see anything bad about the series, but its not good enought to make me want to tell everyone i know about it. The other reviews say cheat powers, but it's just an Graphical User Interface type thing that allows him to level up when the other character cant. He got the way he was because he actually trained for it. He didt just grow like 20 kg of muscles randomly. Obviously, if your not a fan of Overpowered Main Characters, this ist the thing for you. Ive seen countless things about how "ThE WhOle ThInG Is VeRy UnOrIgInAl" but in reality they seen one OPMC anime/manga/manwha and theyve seen it all. Id really enjoy if they would stop generalizing a whole ass genre of anime as carbon copies of on another. People have done noteable work to help other enjoy this seiries and people are really out here giving a bad review LITTERALLY because it falls into a genre that they dont like or are bored with. I do fully understand that a review is completly a matter of opinion, but saying that this piece is 'retarded' is completly wrong. This fact is supported by the reviews on almost every platform. I have to say that the plot is origional and there is nothing quite like this. Even in Second Life Ranker, just because the character is overpowered and has a GUI dosent mean they are the same creation. I would say that these reasons are the only reason that these seiries' are cosidered similer. This manga is good. Its VERY well colered and the story is very original despite what others say. It cant really be sumed up by "MC gets super OP and defeats everyone" because thats merly an element/aspect of the manga. It is foucused on Sung being very powerful but what most people are really there for is the path he goes down and the the things he gains down the way, like with most other series'. Some people fail to understand that just because this thing and other thing share the same aspect dosent mke them the same. it makes the similar. Any way, the way the seiries grows over time is interesting. It grows more complicated as Sung does too. Really worth your time.
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The story is somewhat similar to HUNTER x HUNTER. Of course different plots and characters, but the world and the set of rules are very similar. If you want a read where the MC is overpowered and exceeding your expectations... this is the manhwa for you. if you want something more complex, this probably isn't for you. It's main focus s the power of the MC and his upgrading.
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This is the best action manwha I have ever read .The action scean is amazing and art is on a different level . This is really the best action manwha . And has everything which a good shonen manwha needs in it
Reply · Nov 28, 2020

People always claim that this is the best manhwa, but I feel like it's because they haven't read any other ones.
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People always claim that this is the best manhwa, but I feel like it's because they haven't read any other ones.
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I love love love the monsters.. They r so beautifully created. Which means I'm love with the art style of this Manga. It's very detailed n beautiful.
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At the Start of this review I would like to state that even if you dont like the premise of a story like this, you should read at least the first few chapters and get an idea of wether you like it or not, my opinion is hardly impartial and I advise you to check it out yourself first. This review is split into all three sections AP supplies by default.
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Okay, I'll just start by saying I really do love this manhwa I've enjoyed reading it a lot and binged the whole first volume in 2 days and enjoyed every bit. But of course it's absolutely not perfect. Just some tidbits I don't particularly like is the character development, the first few chapters hes weak then he gets a second chance and has an opportunity to become very powerful, okay it's not an original premise but honestly it is one I'm a sucker for and enjoy a lot, but he sort of got powerful really fast and I don't really hate it but the MC seems to have no struggle anymore and even his character seems bland and almost always has a deadpanned look on his face, still I don't hate him but it's like he's dead inside now and just seems very dry for the MC (I know the dead inside could be because of his new powers and the toll it's taking on him but also I could just be making excuses for how dry he is) and my main gripe is his whole thing about why he was staying a hunter and legit almost DYING everytime as an E rank was for his mothers medical bills and then once he gets his second chance it's like ....? Sooo is he still paying his moms medical bills? Or did he forget about her... Because she isn't mentioned when he gets his new powers for like god I don't know but it's a lonnnng time I seriosuly thought they might have just chucked her out the story I was like who's paying for this womans bills? Is she alright? And then they suddenly throw her in again, which I get it's a small part of the story it just seemed to be like the whole reason this kid became a hunter and stayed doing this super dangerous job and then he like suddenly no longer cared about doing it for her he only cared about getting powerful and then they were like oh opp no see look he does still care hes not totally selfish and arrogent see! But anyways dispite it's flaws I still love it a lot, and god the art is phenomenal, it's insane and mesmerises me every chapter I read. So props to the creator I still think it's a top teir manhwa def worth the read!
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I like the manhwa but cant really compare to other masterpiece like Mushoku Tensei or Sekai Saikyou no Kenja or Black Summoner or Uq Holder or any other masterpeice. The captivatiing thing about the manhwa is the art and how op the character is. Its so over-rated that every "op mc" manhwa or manga, the comment section theirs always a retard who say "wow solo leveling vibe". They're making this shitty manhwa a reference to other masterpeice. Plus the author neglected the "mc" romance, he made the mc arrogant an unfriendly. He nade the mc worse.
Reply · Sep 15, 2020

I just love how it also makes me feel stronger and how the characters all overlap and in the end rely on them
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Before starting, yes, I can see that the overall actually doesn't add up to the scores I gave to the individual scores I gave the aspects of the story because I would 100% recommend this webtoon to anyone who asks. I would give my enjoyment of this story easily a 9/10.
Reply · Sep 02, 2020

Seeing all these reviews I didn't know if I should write one but since about 90% of them gave it a 9 or 10 overall score I thought there needed some balancing. I read the story twice. Once in 2018 with all the chapters available at the time and once now in late August 2020. I have to say that it helped see some flaws that my past self overlooked because of the awesomeness of the character and the fights.
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At first i was kinda confused, but the story developt in a good way with spins to it that falls in to everyones disires. I went blank into this manga and now i am hooked. its a great story with great character development and even the side characters will grab your heart. I defently recommend it!
Reply · Aug 22, 2020

As I thought, I really am obsessed with this manga. Just thinking about it makes me bubble with excitement.
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This is by far the best Manhwa I have ever read and I actually read through it again after season 1 finished, this is written after the first 3 chapters of season 2 but the art style is by far the best I have ever seen and it is a masterpiece to behold in fact I tried to give it an 11/10 because it is that good. The story is very good, it isn't nearly as good as the art style but it is very good in comparison to other literature. Finally the characters are very relatable and a pleasure to watch grow especially Sung Jin-Woo, and the way that the villain is played out is very interesting only giving small bits of info on who is going to be the next big villain and who IS the overall "Big Bag".
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Really love the story the art cant be described with other that amaizing. Coming from the perspective of someone who has read the novel already i have to say this to some who find the begining confusing, the beginng of the story might come across as a bad way to start the story but all of it is the whole point of the plot. Now i dont want to spoil anything for anyone but the MC going inside that dungeon and coming out alive is the whole point. Later on when 2nd season starts there are going to be some crazy plot twists that going to leave your mouth open and i litealy mean it when i say crazy.
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My biggest disappointment in 2019. Visuals won't be the problem but the story. The characters were thrown in the story without depth/development. Many of them (especially the antagonists) were killed instantly without leaving an impact on the readers. Likewise, the supporting characters were not given any color but mere fawners of the main character.
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Definitely one of the best manghwa there is. I'm pretty sure anyone that's entering the manga community has read this, but if you haven't, definitely read it. It's a fantasy world about monsters in modern day urbanization, but there's no such thing as leveling up or a person getting stronger as time passes, until the main character gets a power that allows him to do exactly that. The graphic and art is amazing, the characters are good, and the story is very well made. I personally think this is at least top 5, but there are some other manga's I prefer through preference. Anyways, the main pros of this are the art, feeling of satisfaction when he levels up, epic scenes, and every page is screenshot worthy. That's all from me. sayonaraa
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Honestly lads.....it was such an amazing long ass rollercoaster at finishing this brilliant manhwas first season at 110 chapters all day yesterday(realistically 1-4am and 2-4pm to be more precise). I can't tell you how rare it is to find a likeable manhwa out there to read. Even though this manhwa is like any other superhero story (one punch man, SAO, Tiger & Bunny, Overlord) but I can't think of any badass MC who becomes strong to beat the crap out of monsters other than our boi here Jin -Woo!
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Honestly lads.....it was such an amazing long ass rollercoaster at finishing this brilliant manhwas first season at 110 chapters all day yesterday(realistically 1-4am and 2-4pm to be more precise). I can't tell you how rare it is to find a likeable manhwa out there to read. Even though this manhwa is like any other superhero story (one punch man, SAO, Tiger & Bunny, Overlord) but I can't think of any badass MC who becomes strong to beat the crap out of monsters other than our boi here Jin -Woo!
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It is BY FAR MY FAVOURITE MANHWA ***in this genre*** that I have EVER read. It is one of those MUST READ!!! I don't usually write reviews , unless it is worth expressing my true feelings XD So here comes my attempt to not spoil everything but make you interested in readig it)
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This manga is the defenition of a perfect masterpiece.
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I read this because of all the online reviews that kept raving about how amazing it was. In all honesty, I think it's hyped up a little too much. It's an enjoyable story, but even that was kind of ruined for me because I was expecting to have my mind blown...and, well, it wasn't.
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There are definitely fight scenes which draw me in with their intensity and get my blood pumping. But by no means is that all the fights. The best ones are those where Jin-Woo has to fight with feir life on the line, to push past feir limits. This includes the first dungeon fe entered (ch. 13-16), the fight against Kerberos (ch. 27), and the first half of the job change quest including the fight against Igris (ch. 39-42). Unfortunately, as fe gets stronger, they've opted more to have fights which show off feir strength or where fe's able to hold feir own against an enemy (but without that struggle). It seems they prefer the image of fem unruffled and cool, which can definitely be entertaining in its own (slightly-lesser) way. As an example of that: the most recent fight against the ants on Jeju Island was definitely fem dominating, but it still got my blood pumping and I loved every moment of it.
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Real Talk, I'm tired of seeing these "omg this manhwa is so good you should read it the story is so good and the mc is so overpowered and kicks everyones ass in a bad ass way" reviews. These reviews are dumb as fuck and they don't contribute anything. The review don't look at the Manhwa from a story stand point and how well developed characters are. When they just see Sung-JinWoo pull something bad ass off they say "oops, 10/10, will read again".
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This is from the get go a retarded series in a retarded setting. The author doesn't seam to want to bother much with worldbuilding, character creation and development or simply setting a coherent set of rules for the... powers? the hunters get, he seems to want to skip it all and to be honest that would be my recommendation if you want to read this, just skip the first 11ch (inexistant world building and character presentation) and you'll be better off for it, after that the next chapters are about dumb monologues, posing and the MC getting cocky, which seem to be the author trying to justify (and fail at it) how the MC changes. If, you somehow pretend those 25 or so chapters don't exist and you just pretend the char was somewhat strong, has a cheat skill and is a badass then you might enjoy this somewhat since from there it's a classical shounen with RPG elements. Having said that, I find it hard to ignore those appalling 25 chapters, above all the lack of trying on the part of the author to make sense of the world is annoying, don't force what you want it to be for no reason and no valid justification, what happens in this manhua just make no sense for modern age Korea/world. If you set the world in modern earth then you have to abide by it, otherwise just transport the MC to another world or invent a parallel universe, and you can set all the new rules you want that way without so much need to explain. The only good possible explanation for all that happens is "simulation theory" but I really don't see the author going there and even if he does, it's very poorly executed so far. Likewise, the character setting is equally terrible, we are led to believe he does this for his mother yet he dedicates about one panel of the story to explain this, it's never mentioned again and come on! how is getting yourself killed in a gate is going to make your sick mom's and your sister's (that depends on you for a living) life better? if he dies his mom doesn't get medical care and his sis can't support herself anymore, also lets not forget the author insist on telling us the MC doesn't make ends meet with hunting so the justification itself is nonsense, not only there is a very high and real chance of him dying but he doesn't even make money from it. Last this is full of inconsistencies and the MC turns like a pancake so much he essentially becomes a different person, with him getting OP in no time, giving ridiculous explanations and him oscillating from retard to so cool just because the author wills it makes my eyes hurt, just look at the char design in ch 1 and then again in ch 50 and you'll see what I mean, they are nothing alike and only a few month went by. In short, as a whole it might be somewhat decent manhua if you get through the initial chapters and are able to ignore them it gets better, after that it's a somewhat enjoyable yet somewhat mediocre, light, action packed shounen manhua that focuses on how "cool" the MC is and how OP he is and nice fighting scenes. Oh, art-style is very good thou the flow of the fights is a bit hard to follow at times.
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