Alt names: The Most Beloved Demon, The Strongest Angel, 最強の天使ニシテ最愛の悪魔,
Author: Nakanuki Eri
Artist: Nakanuki Eri
Genre: Romance Fantasy Drama Comedy
Demographic: Josei
Yonekura Mugiko, senior in high school, is a talented exorcist dedicated to her work. One day, she was accidentally pushed and fell down a flight of stairs, resulting in amnesia! She only remembers things up till spring of her 6th grade year, hence: she has the mentality of a grade school kid… and forgets about her boyfriend, Kakurazaka Hikaru, a well-known exorcist as well. Mugiko and Kakurazaka will work together to exorcise spirits whenever they are hired, despite the little accident. Meanwhile though, Kakurazaka, known for being a perverted hothead, will try to regain Mugiko’s memory back… to be romantic with her once more!!
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