Alt names: Элисед, 일렉시드,
Author: Son Jeho
Artist: Zhena
Genre: Fantasy Comedy Adventure Action
Format: Web Comic Long Strip Full Color
Name Published date
Chapter 247 2023/05/23 Read
Chapter 246 2023/05/16 Read
Chapter 245 2023/05/09 Read
Chapter 244 2023/05/02 Read
Chapter 243 2023/04/25 Read
Chapter 242 2023/04/19 Read
Chapter 241 2023/04/11 Read
Chapter 240 2023/04/07 Read
Chapter 239 2023/03/28 Read
Chapter 238 2023/03/21 Read
Chapter 237 2023/03/14 Read
Chapter 236 2023/03/07 Read
Chapter 235 2023/02/28 Read
Chapter 234 2023/02/21 Read
Chapter 233 2023/02/14 Read
Chapter 232 2023/02/07 Read
Chapter 231 2023/01/31 Read
Chapter 230 2023/01/24 Read
Chapter 229 2023/01/17 Read
Chapter 228 2023/01/10 Read
Chapter 227 2023/01/03 Read
Chapter 226 2022/12/28 Read
Chapter 225 2022/12/20 Read
Chapter 224 2022/12/15 Read
Chapter 223 2022/12/07 Read
Chapter 222 2022/12/04 Read
Chapter 221 2022/11/23 Read
Chapter 220 2022/11/16 Read
Chapter 219 2022/11/10 Read
Chapter 218 2022/11/02 Read
Chapter 217 2022/10/26 Read
Chapter 216 2022/10/19 Read
Chapter 215 2022/10/12 Read
Chapter 214 2022/10/05 Read
Chapter 213 2022/09/28 Read
Chapter 212 2022/09/20 Read
Chapter 211 2022/09/17 Read
Chapter 210 2022/09/08 Read
Chapter 209 2022/09/01 Read
Chapter 208 2022/08/24 Read
Chapter 207 2022/08/17 Read
Chapter 206 2022/08/10 Read
Chapter 205 2022/08/03 Read
Chapter 204 2022/07/28 Read
Chapter 203 2022/07/20 Read
Chapter 202 2022/07/13 Read
Chapter 201 2022/07/08 Read
Chapter 200 2022/07/02 Read
Chapter 199 2022/06/23 Read
Chapter 198 2022/06/18 Read
Chapter 197 2022/06/10 Read
Chapter 196 2022/06/04 Read
Chapter 195 2022/05/27 Read
Chapter 194 2022/05/19 Read
Chapter 193 2022/05/12 Read
Chapter 192 2022/05/06 Read
Chapter 191 2022/04/29 Read
Chapter 190 2022/04/21 Read
Chapter 189 2022/04/14 Read
Chapter 188 2022/04/07 Read
Chapter 187 2022/03/31 Read
Chapter 186 2022/03/24 Read
Chapter 185 2022/03/16 Read
Chapter 184 2022/03/09 Read
Chapter 183 2022/03/02 Read
Chapter 182 2022/02/23 Read
Chapter 181 2022/02/17 Read
Chapter 180 2022/02/09 Read
Chapter 179 2022/02/02 Read
Chapter 178 2022/01/26 Read
Chapter 177 2022/01/19 Read
Chapter 176 2022/01/12 Read
Chapter 175 2022/01/06 Read
Chapter 174 2021/12/30 Read
Chapter 173 2021/12/22 Read
Chapter 172 2021/12/15 Read
Chapter 171 2021/12/09 Read
Chapter 170 2021/12/01 Read
Chapter 169 2021/11/24 Read
Chapter 168 2021/11/17 Read
Chapter 167 2021/11/17 Read
Chapter 166 2021/11/10 Read
Chapter 165 2021/11/03 Read
Chapter 164 2021/10/27 Read
Chapter 163 2021/10/21 Read
Chapter 162 2021/10/13 Read
Chapter 161 2021/10/06 Read
Chapter 160 2021/09/29 Read
Chapter 159 2021/09/23 Read
Chapter 158 2021/09/15 Read
Chapter 157 2021/09/08 Read
Chapter 156 2021/09/03 Read
Chapter 155 2021/08/26 Read
Chapter 154 2021/08/18 Read
Chapter 153 2021/08/11 Read
Chapter 152 2021/08/04 Read
Chapter 151 2021/07/29 Read
Chapter 150 2021/07/22 Read
Chapter 149 2021/07/15 Read
Chapter 148 2021/07/08 Read
Chapter 147 2021/06/30 Read
Chapter 146 2021/06/24 Read
Chapter 145 2021/06/17 Read
Chapter 144 2021/06/10 Read
Chapter 143 2021/06/03 Read
Chapter 142 2021/05/27 Read
Chapter 141 2021/05/20 Read
Chapter 140 2021/05/14 Read
Chapter 139 2021/05/06 Read
Chapter 138 2021/04/30 Read
Chapter 137 2021/04/22 Read
Chapter 136 2021/04/16 Read
Chapter 135 2021/04/08 Read
Chapter 134 2021/04/01 Read
Chapter 133 2021/03/25 Read
Chapter 132 2021/03/25 Read
Chapter 131 2021/03/12 Read
Chapter 130 2021/03/05 Read
Chapter 129 2021/02/26 Read
Chapter 128 2021/02/20 Read
Chapter 127 2021/02/11 Read
Chapter 126 2021/02/05 Read
Chapter 125 2021/01/28 Read
Chapter 124 2021/01/21 Read
Chapter 123 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 122 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 121 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 120 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 119 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 118 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 117 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 116 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 115 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 114 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 113 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 112 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 111 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 110 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 109 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 108 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 107 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 106 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 105 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 104 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 103 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 102 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 101 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 100 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 99 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 98 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 97 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 96 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 95 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 94 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 93 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 92 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 91 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 90 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 89 2021/01/13 Read
Chapter 88 2020/12/22 Read
Chapter 87 2020/12/15 Read
Chapter 86 2020/12/08 Read
Chapter 85 2020/12/01 Read
Chapter 84 2020/11/24 Read
Chapter 83 2020/11/17 Read
Chapter 82 2020/11/10 Read
Chapter 81 2020/11/03 Read
Chapter 80 2020/11/03 Read
Chapter 79 2020/10/20 Read
Chapter 78 2020/10/13 Read
Chapter 77 2020/10/06 Read
Chapter 76 2020/09/29 Read
Chapter 75 2020/09/22 Read
Chapter 74 2020/09/15 Read
Chapter 73 2020/09/08 Read
Chapter 72 2020/09/01 Read
Chapter 71 2020/08/25 Read
Chapter 70 2020/08/18 Read
Chapter 69 2020/08/11 Read
Chapter 68 2020/08/04 Read
Chapter 67 2020/08/04 Read
Chapter 66 2020/08/04 Read
Chapter 65 2020/08/04 Read
Chapter 64 2020/08/04 Read
Chapter 63 2020/06/30 Read
Chapter 62 2020/06/23 Read
Chapter 61 2020/06/16 Read
Chapter 60 2020/06/09 Read
Chapter 59 2020/06/09 Read
Chapter 58 2020/06/09 Read
Chapter 57 2020/06/09 Read
Chapter 56 2020/06/09 Read
Chapter 55 2020/06/09 Read
Chapter 54 2020/06/09 Read
Chapter 53 2020/04/21 Read
Chapter 52 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 51 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 50 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 49 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 48 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 47 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 46 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 45 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 44 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 43 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 42 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 41 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 40 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 39 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 38 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 37 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 36 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 35 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 34 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 33 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 32 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 31 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 30 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 29 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 28 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 27 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 26 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 25 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 24 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 23 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 22 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 21 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 20 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 19 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 18 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 17 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 16 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 15 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 14 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 13 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 12 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 11 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 10 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 9 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 8 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 7 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 6 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 5 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 4 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 3 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 2 2020/04/15 Read
Chapter 1 2020/04/15 Read
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This story is actually so good. It has over 200 chapters but the entire time the only thing I dreaded was finishing all the chapters and having to wait weekly for it to update T^T This became one of my FAVORITE webtoons sand I read a lot. The arts amazing and so are the story and charactersss
Reply · Mar 15, 2023

Ive read Eleceed from when it was first released on Webtoon and fell in love instantly, the world building is insanely good and the story gets you invested into the characters super early on. It was the first time ive read something that i have completely fallin in love with from the jump, ive since found many other manga/manwha that have done so but Eleceed is truly a work of art and i honestly think it could be a classic in this era of manga/manwha/webtoon ect.
Reply · Mar 13, 2023

I just love jiwoo and kayden's bond and relationship. I love that when Kayden go crazy at the moment when he saw jiwoo got injured.
Reply · Nov 28, 2022

Great art but trash story
Reply · Nov 04, 2022

mc is a pussy but its alright overall
Reply · Oct 15, 2022

A very unique and entertaining manhwa. There are countless plot points in the story that allow the characters to grow from their experiences. The art is also incredible. The MC is a fantastic character, and it's amazing to see him grow. He and his friends share a very cute dynamic. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading Manhwa.
Reply · Oct 14, 2022

To all those suckers who dropped this, ur gonna have to come back soon. This shit is really good a 10/10
Reply · Oct 01, 2022

Reply · Sep 28, 2022

I love this manhwa so much it is so cute and is my comfort manhwa, it has exactly what I need.
Reply · Sep 19, 2022

THis is one of if not the best manhwa I've read. It's got a great storyline, action scenes that make you want to scream and cheer, relatable characters, fantastic humor, and absolutely *gorgeous* art. Everyhting about this has made it amazing. Throughout the entire Manhwa, there are at most 5 chapters I skip on a reread. It reall is fantastic.
Reply · Aug 10, 2022

When I first saw this manwha I was uncertain whether to read it or not. 10/10 totally worth reading, As well as heart warming the story brings a lot of action and comedy. The art is one of the best I've seen and the author makes the plot interesting that I wait every week for a new chapter. The characters are to fall in love with and have their own unique quirky feelings which makes them a lot more interesting.
Reply · Jul 30, 2022

One of the best story i even read, no bullsh*t buff, no future knowledge, no over acting-cool for fan serve, just a lot of laughing and cats!
Reply · Jun 23, 2022

This review is about when the story gets good. It's not a detailed review about why this is the best manhwa ever made. People have already made hundreds of reviews about it.
Reply · Jun 21, 2022

One of the greatest reads I've read, it's good enough to be #1 in my view. The character development is top-notch, and even the background characters have been written very well. The Main Character's personality is especially very well written and he is very likable. The story progression also seems very natural, it's difficult to not get invested in this story.
Reply · Jun 16, 2022

Reply · Jun 11, 2022

This was one of the first mangas I ever read and I highly recommend it to everyone. Both the story and art are exceptional, not to mention the character's personals which are so well shown throughout the story. once again highly recommend reading this amazingly funny manga.
Reply · Apr 24, 2022

Eleceed is on of the best manga that have ever been made and is on my top 10 list over the best action manga! <3
Reply · Apr 08, 2022

Reply · Mar 03, 2022

Honestly, my favourite manhwa ever. It's got the perfect blend of action, comedy, sort of life of life, and sprinkle of romance. The comedic parts are absolutely hilarious. It doesn't feed overdone and must i say the art is phenomenal (not in a breathtaking way but yk). the characters are amazing and not annoying at all. there's character development and logical/interesting plot. just go for it. it doesn't have a specific cliche theme of say isekai so that's pretty good.
Reply · Jan 22, 2022

This is just the cutest, funnist, and it has a little psychological so be warned.
Reply · Dec 26, 2021

Highly recommend reading. Very enjoyable and super funny.
Reply · Dec 09, 2021

Reply · Oct 12, 2021

Personally, I liked the story. The beginning is strong and will leave you wanting to read more chapters. The action is very good. The best thing I liked about the MC is that he never gives nor sacrifices anyone. It has the perfect blend of action, funny, and OP moments. It also has cute cat moments. I recommend giving this a shot.
Reply · Oct 07, 2021

Reply · Oct 03, 2021

Two guys and 1 is a super dupper cute and funny cat. NO! But if U don't mind the picture of 1 rubbing the bad boy behind the ear (2 males) than u may enjoy it. But a no go if U r not into homo stuff.
Reply · Sep 01, 2021

this is too well written. so cute, funny, drama, and small life talks.
Reply · Aug 11, 2021

First of all, the art is IMMACULATE *chef's kisses*. This Manhwa didn't disappoint me at all. The characters are so well drawn and all of them have a unique characteristics. The story build-up is also fine. The MC is also FINE (adorably fine)(he's cute)(he deserves the world). I just love it.
Reply · Aug 03, 2021

This manga is a real gem in the power trope. Art is beautiful, fight scenes are so satisfying! Overall complex and well thought out story with good character development, but the comedy is srsly gold, I frickin love Kayden
Reply · Jul 27, 2021

I just regret why didn't I find it any sooner. It's soo good. You'll fall for each and every character. And the one you'll love the most will be your big fat ass cat Kayden💕💕💕
Reply · Jun 29, 2021

it's nice, I recommend if your into action school life stories with very likable characters.
Reply · Jun 06, 2021

This story has a great plot and character development. The story is well written and has a great power type. The worl build is a typical 21st century korea.
Reply · Jun 02, 2021

Reply · May 01, 2021

Reply · May 01, 2021

Eleceed is my top webtoon so I'm very bias towards this, sorry if this review will be all over the place. The story of eleceed is pretty smooth, it feels like it always knows where to head. The progression is one of my favprite parts since it also includes world building. The art keeps on improving and much more smoother. I was re-reading the first 5 chapters and the old art style felt nostalgic and rough. Compred to the newest chapters, we see much brighter colors and clean lines. Really helps in pull readers in. The characters is really the best part and the selling point of eleceed. The mc is such a woonderful character to see progress, he still kept his optimisam and wonder even after being in multiple near death experiences. He never hiesitates to lend a hand and always think of others before him. Anyone who meets him is always pleasantly surprise, except for the bullies of course since he always puts them in their place. The friend group that he has grown along side with, is just the best group he could ask for. They are like his ride or dies and i simply adore the whole group. Especially when they put a happy face for him when he is going through a rough time in recent chapters. Their bonds is so fresh, but they have gone through so much together that the bond seems almost unbreakable. The other characters around them is so diverse. There are some so corrupt by classcism and others who simply ignore it. Power is always a constant conflict amongst everyone and it's great to see the main group break the norms. Overall 10/10 and would love to see others read it and really read into the story more. I hope, for my poor heart, that it all turns out well and the ending will bring satisfaction.
Reply · Apr 02, 2021

Fantastic read. This is comparable to the likes of Solo Leveling, and sometimes I feel is even better.
Reply · Mar 21, 2021

Great read with an mc who is isnt overly op but strong in his own way and has lots of funny and interesting characters with funny moments and good fights
Reply · Mar 18, 2021

I'm not sh*tting you when I say this is the BEST manga/webtoon i've ever read. This easily beats Solo leveling, In my opinion. Not only does it have a great storyline but it continues to get better and better as you read! Unlike some mangas that decline and just stretch on. The characters are also well thought out and consistent with their actions and personalities, even side characters with little or no attributions are well animated and thought out. NOT TO MENTION HOW CUTE EVERYONE IS! The cats even have their own personalities omg I could go on and on with how good this manga is. Best webtoon ever :>>
Reply · Feb 22, 2021

this is most definently one of my all time favorites i started reading it because i've been really into action manga lately but this is one of the best things i've ever watched!!!
Reply · Feb 05, 2021

this is most definently one of my all time favorites i started reading it because i've been really into action manga lately but this is one of the best things i've ever watched!!!
Reply · Feb 05, 2021

It's just so cute~ There are a lot of things to love about this manga all around, from the hilarious and dynamic characters to the fun action packed plot. It really is just a feel good story in some moments and anyone that doesn't die laughing at some of the interactions between these characters does have a sense of humor. My only one major complaint that I have regarding this is the pace of the plot progression. It took like 65 chapters for the plot to feel like it was really beginning and all. I must say they've definitely improved a lot since then thought. I'd espcually recommend this to anyone that's a cat lover, you won't have any regrets.
Reply · Jan 31, 2021

Hello, I love this story so just read it and don't read useless reviews.
Reply · Jan 30, 2021

I really recommend this. It has an excellent story with perfect characters. At first, I thought, there will be BL stuff but after reading it, I found it perfect.
Reply · Jan 16, 2021

I LOVE ELECEED! The story is great! and Kayden (casien nitrate) IS SO CUTE XD ITs great and the art is so pretty! I totally reccomend this its available on webtoon!
Reply · Jan 03, 2021

Definitely one of my favorite webtoons of now (and dare I say of all time). If you're looking for a spectacular combination of unparalleled comedy and thrilling action sequences, this webtoon is a must!
Reply · Jan 02, 2021

Im not gonna lie, hearing about this and reading the first few chapters made me feel like it would be garbage but it is by far in my top five webtoons, the characters are great I love the superpowers, except for the fact that the "force control" thing confused me. I don't know what else to say excepts that its super great
Reply · Nov 09, 2020

This is really brilliant and just keeps improving with each chapter. Now this is expected because it is charcter-driven story and once the characters grow upon you your enjoyment in the story will keep increasing.
Reply · Oct 31, 2020

Yes I know I could have just giving this a 10/10 too bad I didn't want to
Reply · Oct 05, 2020

This is the funniest, cutest, most enjoyable supernatural manga I have ever read.
Reply · Jul 24, 2020

Reply · May 31, 2020

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