Alt names: Chainsaw Man, Chainsaw Man (Official Colored),
Author: Fujimoto Tatsuki
Artist: Fujimoto Tatsuki
Genre: Horror Comedy Action
Demographic: Shounen
Format: Full Color
Content: Gore Ecchi
Name Published date
Chapter 123 2023/03/14 Read
Chapter 122 - The Prophecies 2023/02/28 Read
Chapter 121 2023/02/21 Read
Chapter 120 - Triangle 2023/02/14 Read
Chapter 119 - Thief 2023/01/31 Read
Chapter 118 - Saying Goodbye 2023/01/17 Read
Chapter 117 - Penguin and Weapon 2023/01/10 Read
Chapter 116 2023/01/03 Read
Chapter 115 2022/12/27 Read
Chapter 114 - Endless Aquarium 2022/12/20 Read
Chapter 113 - I Wanna See Penguins! 2022/12/06 Read
Chapter 112 2022/11/22 Read
Chapter 111 - Aha Ha Ha Ha 2022/11/15 Read
Chapter 110 2022/11/08 Read
Chapter 109 - The Easy Way to Stop Bullying 2022/11/01 Read
Chapter 108 - Something Important to Asa 2022/10/25 Read
Chapter 107 - School Attacker 2022/10/18 Read
Chapter 106 2022/10/11 Read
Chapter 105 - Red Hot 2022/09/27 Read
Chapter 104 - Spoiler 2022/09/13 Read
Chapter 103 - Denji Dream 2022/08/30 Read
Chapter 102 - Save the Cat 2022/08/16 Read
Chapter 101 - Afterschool Devil Hunters 2022/08/02 Read
Chapter 100 - How to Walk Shoeless 2022/07/26 Read
Chapter 99 - Two Birds 2022/07/19 Read
Chapter 98 - Bird and War 2022/07/12 Read
Chapter 97 - I Love Chainsaw 2020/12/11 Read
Chapter 96 - This Kind of Taste 2020/12/04 Read
Chapter 95 - Chainsaw Man Vs. The Control Devil 2020/11/28 Read
Chapter 94 - Chainsaw Man VS Weapons Humans 2020/11/19 Read
Chapter 93 - You and Bad Movies 2020/11/13 Read
Chapter 92 - Zombie, Blood, Chainsaw 2020/11/06 Read
Chapter 91 - Power Power Power 2020/10/30 Read
Chapter 90 - Super Power 2020/10/23 Read
Chapter 89 - Go Get 'Em, Chainsaw Man 2020/10/16 Read
Chapter 88 - Star Chainsaw 2020/10/09 Read
Chapter 87 - Chainsaw Man VS Public Safety's Human Weapons 2020/10/02 Read
Chapter 86 - Chainsaw Date 2020/09/25 Read
Chapter 85 - First Blood, Guts, Liver, Stomach 2020/09/17 Read
Chapter 84 - The Hero of Hell 2020/09/11 Read
Chapter 83 - Death, Rebirth, Chainsaw 2020/09/04 Read
Chapter 82 - Proper Breakfast 2020/08/28 Read
Chapter 81 - Give Paw 2020/08/22 Read
Chapter 80 - The Mind of a Dog 2020/08/07 Read
Chapter 79 - Play Catch 2020/07/31 Read
Chapter 78 - Snowball Fight 2020/07/17 Read
Chapter 77 - Ring Ring Ring 2020/07/10 Read
Chapter 76 - Do not open 2020/07/04 Read
Chapter 75 - 9, 12 2020/06/25 Read
Chapter 74 - The Worlds of the Waves 2020/06/19 Read
Chapter 73 - The End of Daily Life 2020/06/13 Read
Chapter 72 - All Together 2020/06/07 Read
Chapter 71 - Bath 2020/05/29 Read
Chapter 70 - Pinch 2020/05/24 Read
Chapter 69 - Shining Power 2020/05/16 Read
Chapter 68 - Dark Power 2020/05/08 Read
Chapter 67 - The First Devil Hunter 2020/04/26 Read
Chapter 66 - Bark 2020/04/10 Read
Chapter 65 - The Devil of Darkness 2020/04/03 Read
Chapter 64 - Welcome to Hell 2020/03/27 Read
Chapter 63 - Trip To Hell 2020/03/20 Read
Chapter 62 - An even bigger mess 2020/03/13 Read
Chapter 61 - News Reporter 2020/03/06 Read
Chapter 60 - Quanxi and Friends Cut Down 49 People 2020/02/28 Read
Chapter 59 - Mess 2020/02/20 Read
Chapter 58 - Yutaro Kurose 2020/02/14 Read
Chapter 57 - Suddenly 2020/02/07 Read
Chapter 56 - A Curse and A First 2020/02/02 Read
Chapter 55 2020/01/25 Read
Chapter 54 - To go to Enoshima 2020/01/19 Read
Chapter 53 2019/12/27 Read
Chapter 52 2019/12/21 Read
Chapter 51 - Dark Diving 2019/12/13 Read
Chapter 50 - Sharknado Part 2 2019/12/06 Read
Chapter 49 - Sharknado 2019/11/29 Read
Chapter 48 - Boom Boom Boom 2019/11/22 Read
Chapter 47 - Luck with women 2019/11/15 Read
Chapter 46 - The Melody Of A Massacre 2019/11/08 Read
Chapter 45 - An Explosive State Of Affairs 2019/10/31 Read
Chapter 44 - Bang Bang Bang 2019/10/25 Read
Chapter 43 - Jane Slept in the Church 2019/10/18 Read
Chapter 42 - Learning How to Swim 2019/10/13 Read
Chapter 41 - Before The Storm 2019/10/04 Read
Chapter 40 - Love, Flower, Chainsaw 2019/09/27 Read
Chapter 39 - Sudden Tears 2019/09/19 Read
Chapter 38 - For an easy revenge! 2019/09/13 Read
Chapter 37 - Train, Head, Chainsaw 2019/09/07 Read
Chapter 36 - Katana vs Chainsaw 2019/08/31 Read
Chapter 35 2019/08/24 Read
Chapter 34 - All Members Assemble 2019/08/17 Read
Chapter 33 - The operation begins 2019/08/02 Read
Chapter 32 - Over and Over Again 2019/07/29 Read
Chapter 31 - The Future Is Best 2019/07/20 Read
Chapter 30 - Even More Battered 2019/07/12 Read
Chapter 29 - A Perfect 100 2019/07/06 Read
Chapter 28 2019/06/30 Read
Chapter 27 - From Kyoto 2019/06/21 Read
Chapter 26 2019/06/15 Read
Chapter 25 - Ghost Snake Chainsaw 2019/06/10 Read
Chapter 24 - Curse 2019/06/01 Read
Chapter 23 2019/05/24 Read
Chapter 22 2019/05/17 Read
Chapter 21 - The Taste of A Kiss 2019/05/11 Read
Chapter 20 - Drinking 2019/04/25 Read
Chapter 19 - Nobel Prize 2019/04/19 Read
Chapter 18 - Chainsaw VS Eternity 2019/04/12 Read
Chapter 17 2019/04/09 Read
Chapter 16 - First Taste 2019/04/01 Read
Chapter 15 2019/03/24 Read
Chapter 14 - Sexy Kiss 2019/03/16 Read
Chapter 13 2019/03/11 Read
Chapter 12 2019/03/04 Read
Chapter 11 - Compromise 2019/02/24 Read
Chapter 10 - Kon 2019/02/16 Read
Chapter 9 - Rescue 2019/02/07 Read
Chapter 8 - Chainsaw vs Bat 2019/02/03 Read
Chapter 7 - Nyakos Where Abouts 2019/01/25 Read
Chapter 6 2019/01/21 Read
Chapter 5 2019/01/01 Read
Chapter 4 2018/12/22 Read
Chapter 3 2018/12/17 Read
Chapter 2 2018/12/10 Read
Chapter 1 2018/12/03 Read
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@sadsushiiiii: One of the best explanation, now I'mma really dig in, itadakimasu lol
Reply · Apr 23, 2022

People should read this manga. If I were to explain this manga through a few words, I'd say: dog, teenager, halloween, boobs, lesbian, dilf, door, snowball and cake. There may be some parts which will be somehow annoying like the 'woof woof' however this manga is such a good catch. The end of the first arc had me hanging, I did not know what should I feel but I really loved the bumpy ride while reading this. I think this will break the internet once this manga gets animated.
Reply · Jul 03, 2021

Besto Shounen, 10/10, Masterpiece, 97 chapters of pure reading and visual pleasure.
Reply · Jul 02, 2021

Chainsaw Man have multiple faces to it when it comes to ranking its positives and negatives sides, if you are searching for a manga that make you laugh, feel some tension or maybe just enjoy it percurse MAYBE this is your way to go.
Reply · May 23, 2021

Two things : overrated
Reply · May 04, 2021

If you check my profile, you will see that I am not an avid manga reader. In fact, I have only read manhwas before. A big reason for that is the art style. As someone who has weak eyes, the usual graphic and dark art style of the manga hurts my eyes, and it's not really suited to my taste. However, the Chainsaw Man had a very 'clean' art style. It did not hurt my eyes at all. So if you like clear panels with not too much shadowing and grittiness, you will like this very much. As for the story, as I said, I am not an avid manga reader so I have nothing to compare this to, however, I loved the story. Sometimes the pacing felt too rushed and it seemed like I am finishing entire chapters without really getting anything, but it has those moments of revelation where everything comes crashing down. I loved the thrill and excitement I got from those parts. I felt like because of the plot centric-ness, we do not get a deeper look into any of the characters other than Denji and Aki. I would have really loved a few chapters from Makima's perspective. This is why I think there is room for improvement in terms of character development. But, the manga artist took a great take at Denji's psyche, in fact, the MC's development is one of the main reasons anyone should start reading Chainsaw Man. Can't wait for MAPPA to release the anime!
Reply · Apr 24, 2021

A very fun read. But Honestly what else would you expect from an anime about a teenager who has chainsaws coming out his face
Reply · Apr 23, 2021

O FUTURO É PICAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply · Apr 21, 2021

Masterpiece, best manga of all time.
Reply · Apr 14, 2021

Insane brutal thats what you think and what you get from Chainsaw Man. Do not try to use your brain while reading if you do its 7/10. I had no expectaions from this and i thought it is just stupid idea of making such an insane world. But story turned out to be great lot of unexpected things show up and it was just thrilling to read i wanned to read more and more. Pasing was great and i think chapter 22 or something blowed me away it was just great to read but sadly endig was way too rushed from my point of view it needed at least 20-30 more chapters to develop satisfing ending. Dont get me wrong its still 100% worth reading if you dont mind gore.
Reply · Apr 12, 2021

Memang best gile manga ni. Tapi bagi aku tak suka sangat dengan mc dia. Nampak je perempuan mesti jatuh hati. Well, except power. Suka tengok trio manga ni. Apalagi villian dia. Bagi aku memang well made gile villian dia👍👍. And bagi aku *lagi* manga ni ada vibe jujutsu no kaisen
Reply · Apr 03, 2021

really bloody good and iteresting got me hooked in the first few chapters really worth the read
Reply · Mar 29, 2021

Honestly it was an awesome manga. The characters were fun, the fight scenes were mess which made it better. The characters sidnt have a plot armour which really set it apart from most mangas. I liked the idea that "chainsaw man" and denji were two different characters near the end Makima's reveal really suprised me. The only thing which i didnt find that good in the manga were the wasted potential in the characters and also it being a mess in the end.
Reply · Mar 15, 2021

This manga made me depressed but it was worth it.
Reply · Feb 19, 2021

The art style and character designs were the main features that drew me towards reading this manga. I find Fujimoto’s way of drawing to be very visually appealing, and it only took seeing one of the colored double-pages to cause me to research and ultimately begin reading Chainsaw Man without knowing much else about it. It may come across that I am easy to please; however, unique art styles are one of my major pulls. The intriguing synopsis was the cherry on top.
Reply · Feb 19, 2021

Chainsaw Man. If you haven’t heard of Chainsaw man, what are you doing in your life? Tatsuki Fujimoto, the brains behind this unfiltered unconventional mix of horror and shounen manga manages to create a suspensefully gory masterpiece of a story filled with blood, guts, death, one horny teenager, and devils. This manga is set in the real world but with an abnormal yet wondrous twist, the coexistence of demons/fiends who harbor their power from humanity’s fear of a certain person, place, thing, or item. We are introduced to our main character Denji, a lovable deranged teenager who made friends with the infamous chainsaw devil to combat his debt by slaying dangerous devils. Eventually the Chainsaw devil Pochita becomes a part of Denji. Once Pochita and Denji are fused together a mysterious woman named Ms. Makima appears from the Public Safety Devil Hunter Bureau getting Denji to work for her by luring him in with the promise of a cozy life and a date. Denji being the horny and hungry poor teenager he automatically takes this offer. The comically superficial wants that fuel his steel resolve eventually becomes his downfall. This is the start of a long invigorating bloodstained path that Denji walks down. First thing I noticed when I was recommended this was the unique premise. A chainsaw man? A chainsaw dog? Them fighting devils? It was all oddly captivating. The worldbuilding surrounded by demons, fiends, devils, and contracts was oddly enchanting too and nothing less than ingenious. It was all obviously met with detail, precision, and cleverness but since the nature of this manga is fast paced I had to go back a couple chapters quite a few times to understand what the characters are talking about. This was sort of irritating but I'm not gonna blame Chainsaw man itself because this may be my fault for my poor comprehension skills. The way the manga is presented to you from its worldbuilding, characters, and plot is set to show the reader that this manga isn’t going to be very happy. And it isn’t. Chainsaw man had me crying for quite a big portion of it. The source of my tears were the bittersweet lack of character shields. Throughout the manga we are constantly reminded that no character is safe and death will ensue whether you like it or not. Sweetly telling the audience that each character is practically expendable. This element right here is arguably one of Chainsaw Man's strong suits. So many charming characters that left a lasting imprint within the audience and that were portrayed in a way that they would last ended up dying. This was quite a shock to me and most likely many readers but I enjoyed this shock. While many are opposed to this ruthless character killing I sort of like it. I absolutely love when authors use very little character shields because it's a poignant way of breaking the cycle of ridiculous shields popular in mainstream shonen. It's a love hate relationship between appreciating the risks that were taken and how it refines the story with the selfish desire to want to see all the characters survive and thrive. Of course in this manga no one really thrives or survives like they deserve too. With this imminent butchery the panels that come with the bloodshed are extremely attractive, detailed, and imaginative. Through the plethora of carnage the fights manage to not feel boring or repetitive too. I have seen many shonen manga struggle with this. But with Tatsuki’s twistedly creative mind we have all sorts of variety in this blood bath. This can go from simply a head being chopped off to Chainsaw Man blowing through an army of rotting zombies or lighting himself on fire and butchering his enemy. This always kept me in awe at how cool and crazy Denji was gonna kill something. I also enjoyed how Chainsaw man doesn’t take its brutality too serious either. We get some humorous moments to shed some light in the gory-ness such as Denji and Aki kicking a guys balls to see who hits him the hardest. Denji and Power being the main ones to deliver some dopey and raunchy lines once again lightening the mood. Another thing that makes Chainsaw man one of my favorites is the individuality of the characters as well as their response to different events that happen to them. Every character is memorable and leaves their impact in the story in either a tragic way or a humorous way. Its truly amazing how Chainsaw Man was able to give it's cast great depth, likability, background, and individuality at the same time despite its expansive characters. Almost all of the cast had dimension with the somewhat exception of Denji since his personality is comically shallow and the mysterious Makima, everyone else in the main character bracket were fleshed out. Yet I felt like it was seemingly not enough. I feel repetitive saying this but since it is fast paced there wasn't enough time to really bring out Makima's and Denji's full potential in their dimension. This also goes for the infamous villains of certain arcs like Katana man, Snake woman, and Santa Clause. Their backstories and overall individual character felt flat, lost, and almost forgotten. This feeling of loss is especially prominent in the last chapter mostly centering on Makima, but I have to say the other characters great writing and development won't go unnoticed from me. Adding to their depth the main trio (Denji, Aki, and Power) had great character development, plunging them into the world of unlikely friendship and heart breaking grievances. Aki, Denji, and Power were once the one track minded, violent, and in their own world devil hunters only caring to make "friends" because it would allow them to achieve their selfish goals. By the end of the manga you will have witnessed the immense character change from the disinterested to the adoration, this trio has become a family. We watch as they continuously spend time together and formulate their unique bonds. Even if they fight or constantly piss each other off there is unspoken love and closeness that the audience grasps ahold of. While there was enough depth for me to see the characters as really well written, I would have wanted to have more to grasp on. Hopefully the next part will be there to give Denji more depth and mature development as the main character since he went through all that strife. These are just minor things that I would have liked to see for me as a person, honestly overall the characters in this manga were exceptionally well written and never felt plain. Each character is crafted with lovability, charm, uniqueness, and most likely an inevitable death. Death being a major theme in Chainsaw man we get to see each character take this theme and deal with it in their own unique way. Denji is sort of unfazed through many deaths in the first start of the manga, but as he continues to strengthen his bonds with his friends that dramatically changes. This is just one example of well the character development is and how hard hitting the themes in this story are presented. Varying from subtle to prominent, Chainsaw Man's themes and symbolisms aren't hard to miss nor is the obvious genius that oozes from them. Yet this manga's complexity and depth as a work is overlooked because of it's in your face and abnormal subject matter. It's simply watered down to a unusually dark and incredibly fun shonen, while this is certainly true you shouldn't label this manga as only that. Chainsaw Man isn't just a fun dark shonen, just like its characters and topics this manga as a whole is multi dimensional. Ranging from social commentary, clever symbolism, dark visual metaphors, interpretive topics, and twisted allegories Tatsuki Fujimoto jam packs this story with layers of it's own. This makes Chainsaw Man all the more interesting and exciting to look into. I can't tell you how many times I was blown away from realizing the foreshadowing that took place in the first couple chapters or the eery symbolism that I missed that was masked as something normal. This calculated planning ahead and evident dedication to a detailed plot had me awestruck. Tatsuki Fujimoto manages to pull plot twists out of his asscrack from the surface, but in actuality it is set up in an elegantly meticulous way. Leading to string together every action up until that very point into a sick bracelet of events that horrifyingly take the story up several notches once the realization sets in. You won't realize it until the end and that's one of the highlights of this manga. I'm trying to avoid spoilers here so to be arbitrary it was unpredictable yet it didn't lack any sense. I truly enjoyed every second I spent reading Chainsaw Man. I was always shocked from how good it was. Overall Chainsawman is amazing and the next part will be even better. The characters are great, the artstyle is distinctive and detailed, it has a exciting plot and unique worldbuilding. So what are you waiting for? Read it.
Reply · Jan 24, 2021

I'll be honest. This isn't a bad manga at all, in fact I think it's quite good. But people are seriously overhyping it. The main character, Denji is one of the best mcs I've seen a while in anime and manga. But the story isn't really all that. Yeah it's entertaining but it's really overrated.
Reply · Dec 12, 2020

I've heard of this manga series a good few times by Joey (The Anime Man) and also, people who like No Guns Life. At first it was a pretty good start because we got to explore how our main character, Denji got around to being a chainsaw dude in the first place. I really liked his attitude of being laid back and always saying funny remarks with some of the characters. I did considerably get a few chuckles out of the comedy sides of things involved in this manga. I mean , this manga isn't THAT terrible but I think the boob jokes were rather childish and pretty much boring. As well, I felt the other characters weren't really taken seriously with character development.
Reply · Sep 13, 2020

Spoiler: The story has a good pace making it easier to binge. The author also doesn't shy away from killing off characters which is a huge plus in my opinion because one of the huge problems that the shounen genre has shown is that they don't really like to take the risk of killing a character people may really love. Eg. Fairy Tail, the author acts like they'll kill a character then BAM they magically are alive (fairy tail spoiler: one of the characters being Gajeel), or they'll easily kill off the enemy team but not really the ally team making this manga even better. The art style is also so beautiful for one of the fight scenes it wasn't only the fighting that I loved about it but it was also the art style of that fight scene making me give it a 9/10.
Reply · Sep 07, 2020

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