Alt names: Berserk Max, Beruseruku, Берсерк, ברזרק, برزرک, برسرك, เบอร์เซิร์ก, ベルセルク, 烙印勇士, 烙印战士, 베르세르크,
Author: Miura Kentaro
Artist: Miura Kentaro
Genre: Tragedy Romance Psychological Horror Fantasy Drama Adventure Action
Demographic: Seinen
Format: Award Winning
Name Published date
Chapter 373 2023/05/25 Read
Chapter 372 - The Red Raven Sleeps in the Birdcage 2023/04/12 Read
Chapter 371 - A Dying Light in the Oppressive Dark Night 2022/12/07 Read
Chapter 370 - Refugees from the Western Sea 2022/10/13 Read
Chapter 369 - Fading Isle 2022/09/08 Read
Chapter 368 - Devourers 2022/08/11 Read
Chapter 367 - Mists Fade as Cherry Blossoms Fall 2022/07/07 Read
Chapter 366 - The Maelstrom's Eye 2022/06/23 Read
Chapter 365 - Lull of a Waning Moon 2022/06/23 Read
Chapter 364 - Tears Like the Morning Dew 2021/09/09 Read
Chapter 363 - Leaping Monkey 2021/01/21 Read
Chapter 362 - Phantasm 2020/10/22 Read
Chapter 361 - Crevice 2020/07/23 Read
Chapter 360 - Cherry Tree Garden 2020/04/24 Read
Chapter 359 - A Wall 2019/08/23 Read
Chapter 358 2019/04/28 Read
Chapter 357 - Triumph at dawn 2018/08/23 Read
Chapter 356 - Jotunn (Part One) 2018/04/30 Read
Chapter 355 - Beneath Sun-Dappled Trees 2018/03/24 Read
Chapter 354 2018/02/23 Read
Chapter 353 - The Final Fragment 2018/01/27 Read
Chapter 352 - The Cause 2017/12/23 Read
Chapter 351 2017/06/23 Read
Chapter 350 - Memory Fragments 2017/05/27 Read
Chapter 349 - Passage of Dreams 2017/04/28 Read
Chapter 348 - Gloomy Wastes 2017/03/24 Read
Chapter 347 - Flowerstorm King 2016/09/23 Read
Chapter 346 2016/08/25 Read
Chapter 345 - Archmage 2016/07/25 Read
Chapter 344 2016/06/24 Read
Chapter 343 - Blazing Puppet 2015/12/28 Read
Chapter 342 - Elf Island and Onwards! 2015/12/28 Read
Chapter 341 - Soaring Flight 2015/12/28 Read
Chapter 340 - Struggle in the Dark 2015/09/29 Read
Chapter 339 - Moonlit Capital 2015/09/01 Read
Chapter 338 - Death Visits at Dusk 2015/09/01 Read
Chapter 337 - Bridge of Parting 2014/10/04 Read
Chapter 336 - Pandaemonium 2014/08/14 Read
Chapter 335 - Divine Right 2014/05/25 Read
Chapter 334 - City of Men 2014/04/12 Read
Chapter 333 - Fantasia Arc: Chapter of Elf Island Paradise 2013/01/13 Read
Chapter 332 - Elf Island Caravan 2012/11/07 Read
Chapter 331 - Shooting Star 2012/10/15 Read
Chapter 330 - The Spring Blossoms of Another Day 3 2012/07/14 Read
Chapter 329 - The Spring Blossoms of Another Day 2 2012/06/25 Read
Chapter 328 2012/06/12 Read
Chapter 327 - Chapter Of Elf Island Surfacing 2012/02/20 Read
Chapter 326 - Sirens 2012/02/04 Read
Chapter 325 - Merrow 2 2011/09/27 Read
Chapter 324 - Fantasia Arc 2011/07/26 Read
Chapter 323 - Call OF The Deep 2011/07/10 Read
Chapter 322 - The Heart 2011/06/25 Read
Chapter 321 - The Sea God 3 2011/05/14 Read
Chapter 320 - The Sea God 2 2011/04/23 Read
Chapter 319 - The Sea God 1 2011/04/10 Read
Chapter 318 - Bestial Warrior 2010/12/04 Read
Chapter 317 - Full Moon 2 2010/11/17 Read
Chapter 316 - Full Moon 1 2010/10/31 Read
Chapter 315 - Tentacle Ship 2010/07/26 Read
Chapter 314 - Human Tentacles 2010/07/12 Read
Chapter 313 - Beings Of The Wicked Ocean 2010/06/25 Read
Chapter 312 - The Girl in the Howling Shoals 2010/02/26 Read
Chapter 311 - Solitary Island 2010/02/13 Read
Chapter 310 - Ghost Ship 3 2010/01/22 Read
Chapter 309 - Phantom Shirep (2) 2009/10/24 Read
Chapter 308 - Phantom Shirep (1) 2009/10/12 Read
Chapter 307 - 307 2009/09/28 Read
Chapter 306 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 305 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 304 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 303 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 302 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 301 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 300 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 299 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 298 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 33 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 32 - Volume 32 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 31 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 30 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 29 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 28 - Volume 28 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 27 - Volume 27 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 26 - Volume 26 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 25 - Volume 25 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 24 - Volume 24 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 23 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 22 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 21 - Volume 21 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 20 - Volume 20 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 19 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 18 - Volume 18 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 17 - Volume 17 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 16 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 15 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 14 - Volume 14 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 13 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 12 - Volume 12 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 11 - Volume 11 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 10 - Volume 10 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 9 - Volume 9 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 8 - Volume 8 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 7 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 6 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 5 - Volume 5 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 4 - Volume 4 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 3 - Volume 3 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 2 - Volume 2 2009/07/05 Read
Chapter 1 2009/07/05 Read
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Not much to say here, only three words: A True Masterpiece
Reply · Feb 20, 2023

𝐑𝐄𝐕𝐈𝐄𝐖 >>> The reason I started Berserk was because it seemed to be considered the greatest manga ever written. People were constantly going on about how it's a great showcasing of human will power or something like that So I began reading Berserk after hearing of Miura's passing. God Bless him. To summarize my experience with Berserk the emotional highs are among the clouds, and the lows are the center of the Earth. It is nothing short of a masterpiece and while there were moments that made me question my sanity, Miura's sanity, and whatever editor was in charge's sanity it is the best manga I have ever read and I do not say that lightly. And I must say if I ever got a power like to kill someone who is a fictional character then without a doubt its gonna Bstard GRIFITH...❤️
Reply · Jan 16, 2023

(SPOILER) Berserk might be one of my favourite pieces of fiction and stories ever written. It has basically everything i love about stories, all packed in one single story. Tragedy, Drama, Action, Compelling Story/Main Character, Design, Lovecraftian Horror, Dark Fantasy, Romance and its multiple complex and mature themes. Guts is my favourite animanga character of all time and no one comes even close. Guts is the pure definition of someone who struggles through his life and being (mostly) human through it all. The beauty of Berserk lies down on its continuation of struggles and hard hitting moments and our main character, that being Guts, has to go through all the horror and when it seems like life is finally giving him something beneficial, it gets taken away. And he still struggles and continues, despite all the shit he is experiencing. He develops so many times throughout the manga and he is far from a "one-sided" character one might think of in the first arc of the series. You can't can't have a deep connection to Guts.
Reply · Aug 06, 2022

Ah, Berserk. It's really hard for me to summarise my feelings on Berserk, because it's such a long running series that has been super influential, with a lot of complex themes that are handled alternately with both a delicate silver teaspoon and a fumbled sledgehammer depending on the chapter. To make matters worse, there's a very strong and nearly ubiquitous narrative surrounding this franchise that paint it as something entirely different to what I see when I look at it. Berserk for me is like seeing a majestic wolf with some fat, fat fleas, but everyone around you keeps telling you it's actually a panther and that you imagined about half of the experience. Um, anyway, let's get started. I often see people talk about what Berserk inspired, but very rarely do they talk of Berserk's own inspirations. According to its late author, Kentaro Miura, Berserk was inspired by a diverse range of both shounen and shoujo manga, with smatterings of what would eventually become the BL genre, along with movies from the west. The panelling and action scenes were influenced heavily by Fist of the North Star. The character designs and aesthetics by Evil Dead, The Rose of Versailles, Hellraiser and the cult classic Rutger Hauer movies Ladyhawke (watch it!) and Flesh+Blood, along with real life historical figures like Gotz of the Iron Hand. The Phantom of the Paradise, Guin Saga and Devilman loom large in just about everything Berserk touches, as do the classic and incredibly influential lgbtq+ manga, The Song of Wind and Trees (aka Kaze to Ki no Uta) and Heart of Thomas (Please don't come at me about this - it's all public information available in interviews with Miura). It's a pretty diverse range of sources, but they all had a part to play in making Berserk what it is. But what is Berserk? In order to answer that, we're going to have to get into spoiler territory, so read with caution. Berserk's links to The Rose of Versailles are extremely subtle.
Reply · Feb 19, 2022

THE FUCKING BEST. Berserk is genuinely one of the best mangas I've ever read. If I could make yall expirience the way I feel about this manga as I DO??? The sun would shine out ur butthole. Miura, is genius and unmatched. His plot-progression is fucking insane. I think its really rare for me to stay hooked on dark fantasy anything because its always mainly marketed to men. BUT MIURA WROTE JUST TO WRITE. His work wasnt targeted to anyone in particular and thats what makes it so special. There wasnt this pressure to appeal to either gender becuase its fucking Guts. Who the fuck doesnt want to see this sick ass dude weild a giant sword and cleave monsers in half. Not only that the story is fucking crazy. When its intense- its intense. No joke it would make my heart pound or my palms sweat reading some of it. But when it was light it was such a relief from the hard-ships Guts was fighting. To finally see Guts enjoying himslef with friends was so cool, like. UGH DUDE. Anyways I'm getting a berserk tattoo soon so yeah read it. Its worth it. I could go on AND ON about this but I'll save that for notes app lol.
Reply · Jan 30, 2022

One thought, I'm not eligible enough to rate this masterpiece.
Reply · Dec 22, 2021

Absolutely brilliant. Berserk is, quite simply, one of the best manga I've ever had the pleasure of reading. I'd been waiting for it to be finished before diving in, but after the passing of Miura-sensei I decided now was as good a time as any. Now that I have read it, I'm even more saddened at the loss of his brilliance, but all the more happy that he was able to create the work that he did.
Reply · Nov 08, 2021

This scarred me for life.
Reply · Sep 10, 2021

One of the greatest stories ever told, by one of the greatest mangakas that ever lived, Berserk is a manga that offers far, far beyond what you might associate it with. Guts is, in my opinion, one of the most complex and well-written characters out there, his journey is nothing short of amazing and his development from the very first page to the last one is simply beautiful.
Reply · Sep 03, 2021

Reply · Jun 10, 2021

At the point of writing this, I have read a total of 274 chapters of Berserk and it almost pains me to say this, but, while it is a good manga, I dont consider it as amazing and unrivaled as many manga fans do.
Reply · Dec 30, 2020

This review is based on the first three volumes, from the first deluxe collection by Dark Horse Comics.
Reply · Aug 04, 2020

If you only ever have the chance to read just one manga, this should be it.
Reply · Jul 17, 2019

Must read for any diehard manga or anime fan. So many other titles and properties could not exist without this narrative.
Reply · Feb 08, 2019

Even if you don't look into the psychology of the characters or themes, the spectical and action are enough for a ten out of ten overall. The art is the best I have ever seen ever, every panel looks like it belongs in an art museum, and the action is incredible and realistic dispite the fantasy setting. Fortunatly there is a lot more to this manga than action and art. Each character feels like a real person with their own motivations and philosophy. It is very gritty and even gross at times so don't read it if you can't handle that sort of thing. I would definitaly recomend reading it.
Reply · Jan 03, 2019

Holy damn. If you're looking for super detailed gore, you've got it right here. So far my most favorite manga´- and for a reason. Berserk rouses a lot of feelings inside you, some you didn't even know you had. Rage, sorrow and amazement for example. You never know what will happen and it's really frustrating. Who knows how long this manga will be around, will there ever be end to this, will Kentaro Miura ever be able to finish Berserk - who knows. But I would like to see the end, because I haven't got a lightest idea what it'll be like.
Reply · Nov 06, 2015

(Re-upload of my first review)
Reply · Aug 31, 2015

When I was little, I was a comic book fan. As opposed to everyone who liked Spider Man and stuff like that, I became more attached to the darker ones such as Spawn and The Punisher. Then I left the whole format alone for ages. Then I got into anime, and one of the first things I enjoyed was Berserk. At the same time, I rekindled my love for comics with ones outside the mainstream, like Johnny the Homicidal Maniac with all its dark and gory glory.
Reply · Feb 13, 2015


Reply · Jan 17, 2013

Berserk. My God this manga gets me every time. After having read to the last release, I reminisce the wild ride i've had so far; I remember picking it up and not wanting to stop for a moment because of how engrossing the story of our tortured hero, Guts, is. I was filled with incredulity at most, if not all of the plot twists. As our hero begins his descent into the hell of his past through flashbacks, we relize just how hard of a time this guy has had. I can still feel the sense of dread I got from finishing a chapter, and being filled with horror, but also excitement at what twist was coming up next. The storyline's winding plot is aided by an incredible art style that adds to the depressing, futile atmosphere that I love the most. Seriously! I could practically feel Guts' rage and pain myself with how detailed and dark the artwork looked. It was almost as if i was fully immersed in this strange world. The character development is a tad weak on characters besides Guts, but the detail in Guts' backstory makes up for any missed development. I gave this manga a ten simply because of how well the storyline twists and turns without seeming TOO confusing, yet a slight sense of confusion adds the the deliscious despair that is Berserk. Manga like these are my favorite because even if they show up weak in some areas, the strength of how well the elements work together just blows me away anyway. An are where Berserk disappoints me however is that at about the halfway mark, things are changed from a desperate struggle for power and a descent into hell to a fun filled adventure. Sure the violent combat is still there. Sure the art is still as great as it was, but when the elf (forgot his name) started to be used for comedic relief rather than another window into Guts' tortured past, it just didnt sit right with me. The addition of a "team" also started to lessen the experience for me. Berserk was its strongest when it depicted a lone warrior and his descent into hell. Surrounded by his impenetrable, hardened walls, nothing could really get to him. I felt like this made Guts' one of the strongest characters in anything I've ever read. Seeing all about what made him the man he is today made me really feel for the guy, and I couldn't believe how much he had been through. However, as those walls were replaced by "comrades" that were used time and time again as elements to lighten the atmosphere, I felt like i had lost a lot of what i loved about Berserk. All in all, it's still a good read, and I encourage everyone to pick it up, I just feel a little nostalgic about the horrifying, "what the heck, how could someone do that to their own characters theyve created" Berserk that, although less frequently, still does show its face from time to time.
Reply · Mar 12, 2012

The Godfather of all fantasy manga. Berserk is considered one of the most enjoyable, mind-expanding, creative pieces of art introduced to the manga world. There is hardly any analogy I can think of that could compare to its greatness. Well it’s like Candyland made real or a real money tree growing in your yard. It's one those things that just takes the words out of your mouth, if you catch my drift. Alright! I have much to say about Berserk so this review might be a tid-bit lengthy.
Reply · Jan 28, 2010

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