Alt names: Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest, Арифурэта, Арифурэта: Сильнейший ремесленник в мире, Стать сильнейшим благодаря обычной профессии, อาชีพกระจอกแล้วทำไม ยังไงข้าก็เทพ, ありふれた職業で世界最強, 平凡职业成就世界最强, 흔해빠진 직업으로 세계최강,
Author: Shirakome Ryo
Artist: Roga
Genre: Romance Isekai Fantasy Drama Comedy Adventure Action
Demographic: Shounen
Format: Adaptation
Name Published date
Chapter 65 2023/02/05 Read
Chapter 64 - The Power of Restoration 2022/12/06 Read
Chapter 63 2022/11/05 Read
Chapter 62 2022/09/30 Read
Chapter 61 2022/08/26 Read
Chapter 60 2022/08/25 Read
Chapter 59 - Erisen 2022/07/01 Read
Chapter 58 - The Dagons 2022/07/01 Read
Chapter 57 - Eruption 2022/03/09 Read
Chapter 56 - Pain Conversation 2021/12/20 Read
Chapter 55 - Freid Bagwah 2021/10/28 Read
Chapter 54 - Clear Conditions 2021/09/27 Read
Chapter 53 - Guardian 2021/08/17 Read
Chapter 52 - Take a Good Look 2021/06/16 Read
Chapter 51 - Gruen Volcano 2021/05/27 Read
Chapter 50 - The Bottom of the Oasis 2021/04/13 Read
Chapter 49 - The Dukedom of Ankaji 2021/02/08 Read
Chapter 48 - What We Want 2021/01/20 Read
Chapter 47 - Shirasaki Kaori 2020/12/13 Read
Chapter 46 - "That Person" 2020/11/14 Read
Chapter 45 - Nagumo Hajime 2020/10/10 Read
Chapter 44 - Cheap Drama 2020/08/27 Read
Chapter 43 - Our War 2020/08/21 Read
Chapter 42 - Papa 2020/07/21 Read
Chapter 41 - Myu 2020/05/25 Read
Chapter 40 - Date 2020/04/22 Read
Chapter 39 - Return 2020/03/01 Read
Chapter 38 - Tio's Past 2020/01/31 Read
Chapter 37 - Discord 2019/12/27 Read
Chapter 36 - Demons 2019/11/25 Read
Chapter 35 - Precognition 2019/10/15 Read
Chapter 34 - Goddess Sword 2019/09/15 Read
Chapter 33 - New Equipment 2019/07/07 Read
Chapter 32 2019/05/09 Read
Chapter 31 2019/04/11 Read
Chapter 30 2019/03/03 Read
Chapter 29 2019/03/03 Read
Chapter 28 2019/03/03 Read
Chapter 27 - Caravan 2018/11/12 Read
Chapter 26 2018/10/10 Read
Chapter 25 2018/09/18 Read
Chapter 24 2018/09/17 Read
Chapter 23 2018/07/12 Read
Chapter 22 2018/06/29 Read
Chapter 21 2018/06/11 Read
Chapter 20 2018/04/28 Read
Chapter 19 2018/03/15 Read
Chapter 18 2018/02/08 Read
Chapter 17 - The demihumans of Faea Belgaen 2017/12/26 Read
Chapter 16 2017/11/08 Read
Chapter 15 2017/10/17 Read
Chapter 14 2017/07/31 Read
Chapter 13 2017/06/26 Read
Chapter 12 2017/05/24 Read
Chapter 11 2017/05/24 Read
Chapter 10 2017/05/24 Read
Chapter 9 2017/05/24 Read
Chapter 8 2017/05/24 Read
Chapter 7 2017/05/24 Read
Chapter 6 2017/05/24 Read
Chapter 5 2017/05/24 Read
Chapter 4 2017/05/24 Read
Chapter 3 2017/05/24 Read
Chapter 2 2017/05/24 Read
Chapter 1 2017/05/24 Read
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@pzcolo: Don't like it, don't read it
Reply · Oct 02, 2021

@pzcolo: Don't like it, don't read it
Reply · Oct 02, 2021

An utter waste of time, it starts off decently but quickly spirals into a complete mess.
Reply · May 28, 2021

To be blunt, generic story af even for an isekai, characters are generics aswell. MC is a loser then he realizes that he is so he changes suddenly and becomes a "monster". It's a MC like the one in solo levelling but a poorly realized version of him unfortunately... Girls are basically bland and just there to be MC's harem. It seems to me they dont have any personality apart the fact they both like the MC. Like a bunch of other isekai there is a system of "perks" like in a RPG game (characters have special technics, statistics and more) here the system is poorly realized aswell and quite anecdotic. To be honest it would not be there that it wouldnt change a thing. It is quite ununderstandable aswell, technics seem to be unlimited, you cant follow the progression of the MC because of that, every fights, he shows a new technic you dont even know where did he learn it... It's absolutely shameful to have a system like that on a manga that got fights in it. I spent more time scrolling the faster i could durting fights than trying to understand because it made fights scenes horrendous unlike other manga where the fighting system is clear and simple to understand.
Reply · May 13, 2021

kinda getting annoyed with the mc that is op, kills everyone without blinking an eye, has a nonsensical harem and despite all that helps every. single. one. of the people he meets!
Reply · Mar 24, 2021

Reply · Mar 17, 2021

This is dope just read it. The story is actually entertaining and characters have good personalities.
Reply · Dec 12, 2020

Another crap story where the MC turns his personality like a pancake after being betrayed and almost dying, let alone from coward to courageous, you don't turn from a good person to a guy that just kills any human because he gets in your way as if it was magic. Other than that, we get yet another story about a guy (or a class in this case) whose life is ruined by the guys who summoned him and the reaction of the summoned is "even if I have no real reason to believe anything this guys are telling me, let's help them and risk dying since this people that destroyed our lives need help!", I'm tired of that lame setting. Last, the MC getting stronger and getting more powers/skills is ok, but as soon as he started making cars, guns, drones and so on it became crap for me, yeah the author bluffed his way on how he made a gun without gunpowder by using rocks, after that he didn't even bother because he knew that there was no way to bluff the MC being able to create a car. Let alone a student doesn't know how to build one, he wouldn't have what's needed and he doesn't even explain what the fuel for it is. Really lame magical solution that I also find a pathetic example of the author's lack of imagination and storytelling abilities. This just a non-explanation type of tool that allows him to just pop whatever he wants out of nowhere without having to give any kind of plausible justification for it, and man he sure abuses of this trick. Overall, a very childish manga with a glaring lack of storytelling and world building.
Reply · Aug 22, 2020

Nagumo Hajime is what I will call a tsundere hero. At first, fe's all like "No, I'm not a good guy. I won't save you. I only do things that benefit myself. I'm evil. Grrr." But then fe totally acts like a good guy, and (inwardly) blushes at people seeing feir shamefully moral compass. Sometimes, it's implied that fe's acting cruel and merciless because feir faith in humanity has been destroyed after one of feir classmates betrayed fem. And it's said that feir only goal is to find a way to return to Earth. But honestly, quite a few of feir actions fit more in line with fem wanting to be cool rather than fem wanting to survive by any means on the path to get home. Fe refuses to run away or back down from a fight probably because that would be uncool. Fe refuses to abandon people or break feir promises because that would be uncool. So it might just be that feir condescending and rude attitude is a facade, fem attempting to be an anti-hero. Because anti-heroes are cool. Or it could be that when fe absorbs the skills from the monsters fe ingests, fe also absorbs some of their monstrous attitude, so what we're seeing is a tension between feir human side (which wants to be cool) and feir monster side (which is heartless). Either way, it comes across as a tsundere hero. And it does not make for an interesting reading experience.
Reply · Dec 10, 2019

DON'T watch the anime, it is an utter disaster however the manga is good.
Reply · Sep 16, 2019

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