Alt names: 8Kaijuu, Kaiju No. 8, Kaijuu 8-gou, Monster #8, Кайдзю No. 8, Монстр № 8, 怪獣8号,
Author: Matsumoto Naoya
Artist: Matsumoto Naoya
Genre: Sci-Fi Horror Comedy Action
Demographic: Shounen
Name Published date
8kaijuu 86 2023/05/26 Read
Chapter 85e 2023/05/11 Read
Chapter 85 - The Final Moment... 2023/04/27 Read
Chapter 84 - A Rekindled Resolve... 2023/04/13 Read
Chapter 83 - Destroy Despair Itself... 2023/03/30 Read
Chapter 82 - Watching Him From Behind a Mask... 2023/03/16 Read
Chapter 81 - The Finish Line Disappears into the Void... 2023/03/02 Read
Chapter 80 - Go Beyond!! 2023/02/16 Read
Chapter 79 - A Staggering Difference in Power... 2023/02/02 Read
Chapter 78 - Evil in the Form of a Shadow, or a Mirror Image? 2023/01/19 Read
Chapter 77 - #9's Plan Enters Its Next Phase... 2023/01/05 Read
Chapter 76e 2022/12/15 Read
Chapter 76 - At Her Absolute Finest!! 2022/12/08 Read
Chapter 75 - Nothing But Scraps Left in Their Wake! 2022/11/24 Read
Chapter 74 - The Odd Pair Shows Off Their True Worth! 2022/11/10 Read
Chapter 73e - Illustration Compilation: Monster Views 2022/11/03 Read
Chapter 73 - The Weapon Awakens... 2022/10/27 Read
Chapter 72 - Battling Across the Nation for the Country and the People!! 2022/10/13 Read
Chapter 71 - For the Country... and Mankind!! 2022/09/29 Read
Chapter 70 - Pockets of Happiness in Uncertain Times... 2022/09/15 Read
Chapter 69 - Under a Facade of Peace the People Live On... 2022/09/01 Read
Chapter 68 - Eagerly Waiting For The Coming War... 2022/08/04 Read
Chapter 67 - Every Journey Begins With A Single Step! 2022/07/21 Read
Chapter 66 - Kafka's Path To A Stronger Self With Hoshina As His Guide… 2022/07/07 Read
Chapter 65 - Their Dream for Peace Remains Unchanged... 2022/06/23 Read
Chapter 64 - Clothed In Terror! 2022/06/09 Read
Chapter 63 - At His Limit... 2022/05/26 Read
Chapter 62 - Leno's Desire Hastens... 2022/05/12 Read
Chapter 61 - Obstacles Even Harder Than Those Before Lie Ahead Still… 2022/04/28 Read
Chapter 60 - Surpassing The Limit Over And Over... 2022/04/14 Read
Chapter 59 - Send Off, Watch Over, Find Out... 2022/03/31 Read
Chapter 58 - How To Overcome The Worst Case Scenario? 2022/03/17 Read
Chapter 57 - Alongside The Resolve That Coils Around The Battle Is... 2022/03/03 Read
Chapter 56 - Is It Good News Or...? 2022/02/17 Read
Chapter 55 - A Chaotic Calamity Mars The Scenery… 2022/02/03 Read
Chapter 54 - The Threat Released Into The Wild... 2022/01/06 Read
Chapter 53 - The Strongest Monster In History Is Born... 2021/12/23 Read
Chapter 52 - The "Peace" That Was Entrusted Is Heavier Than "Trust"… 2021/12/09 Read
Chapter 51 - To Give Hope for the Future 2021/12/02 Read
Chapter 50 - Attack... Its Target Is #2's Power!! 2021/11/25 Read
Chapter 49 - Evolution, Proliferation, And... 2021/11/11 Read
Chapter 48 - Pay Close Attention! 2021/10/28 Read
Chapter 47 - Their Power Is Aimed At The Same Target 2021/10/14 Read
Chapter 46 - The Monsters Gain Momentum!! However... 2021/10/07 Read
Chapter 45 - Wherever Aid Is Needed, You Can Count On Seeing That Trustworthy Back. 2021/09/30 Read
Chapter 44 - A Grand Entrance Into A Comrade's Crisis!! 2021/09/16 Read
Chapter 43 - The Identity of the Wriggling Fungus is... 2021/09/02 Read
Chapter 42 - In Their Respective Battlefields... 2021/08/19 Read
Chapter 41 - Flaws Are Just Decorations On A Throne... 2021/08/05 Read
Chapter 40 - The Persuasiveness Of One Who Has "Absolute Power"! 2021/07/22 Read
Chapter 39 - Good News With A Bit Of Hope. However... 2021/07/08 Read
Chapter 38 - As A Human Being, As A Member Of The Defense Force... 2021/06/24 Read
Chapter 37 - The Manifestation Of Unwilling Destruction!! 2021/06/17 Read
Chapter 36 - An Iron Fist That Shatters Kafka's Will... To Be "Human"!! 2021/06/03 Read
Chapter 35 - Relentless Denial...!! 2021/05/27 Read
Chapter 34 - He Who Looks Different, Captured And Still Feared... 2021/05/20 Read
Chapter 33 - A Quick Kitty Break 2021/05/13 Read
Chapter 32 2021/04/22 Read
Chapter 31 - The Direction Of That Gaze, And The Heart That Remains Unchanged… 2021/04/15 Read
Chapter 30 - The Absolute Pivotal Point 2021/04/01 Read
Chapter 29 - Fallen In Front Of Colossus, A Recollection Of The Past... 2021/03/18 Read
Chapter 28 - An Enlarging Threat!! 2021/03/04 Read
Chapter 27 - They're Dealing With The Monster's Attacks, But... 2021/02/25 Read
Chapter 26 - Uncouthly, And Gloriously She'll Cut Them Down!! 2021/02/18 Read
Chapter 25 - A Raid! The Commander Of The Pterosaurs!! 2021/02/04 Read
Chapter 24 - That Power Is "To Protect"...! 2021/01/28 Read
Chapter 23 - Slowly But Surely... 2021/01/21 Read
Chapter 22 - Amidst The Anxiety That Spreads Through The Public 2021/01/07 Read
Chapter 21 - Although Kafka Managed To Escape... 2020/12/24 Read
Chapter 20 - Carved In Blood, The Resolve Of The Guardian Of The People... 2020/12/10 Read
Chapter 19 - Going Back In Time A Little... 2020/12/03 Read
Chapter 18 - Seething With Rage 2020/11/26 Read
Chapter 17 - Boiling With Rage 2020/11/12 Read
Chapter 16 - It's An Outrageous Difference In Power, But... 2020/11/05 Read
Chapter 15 - The Disposal Crew Is On Standby In A Safe Zone...But 2020/10/29 Read
Chapter 14 - Though We Look Different, We Still Hold The Same "Promise" In Our Hearts... 2020/10/16 Read
Chapter 13 - A Real Battle... Doesn't Allow Failure!! 2020/10/08 Read
Chapter 12 - Showing Readiness In One's Eyes...! 2020/10/01 Read
Chapter 11 - Still Just At The "Starting Line"! 2020/09/17 Read
Chapter 10 - Behind The Cold Mask Hides Anger And A "Promise".... 2020/09/11 Read
Chapter 9 - He knows the "Insides" of a Monster Better Than Anyone Else! 2020/09/03 Read
Chapter 8 - Defeat A huge Enemy With Mind And Body Full of Power! 2020/08/20 Read
Chapter 7 - The Final Test Has Ended, But 2020/08/13 Read
Chapter 6 - The Slaughtering Angel Dances On The Battlefield As If There Is No Threat 2020/08/12 Read
Chapter 5 - Power... For People To Fight Against Disaster!! 2020/08/05 Read
Chapter 4 - The Old Man Who Became A Monster VS. Monster-Like Young Examinee!! 2020/08/05 Read
Chapter 3 2020/07/19 Read
Chapter 2 2020/07/11 Read
Chapter 1 2020/07/11 Read
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Story: 32 year-old Kafka Hibino has always dreamed of joining The Defense Corps. Partly because he promised his childhood friend, Ashiro Mina, they would fight together. Ashiro is currently The Defense Corps' Third Division Captain. While Kafka is part of the Proffesional Kaiju Cleanup Corps. Kaiju are the monsters that The Defense Corps exterminates.
Reply · Jun 21, 2021

Holy S**t, this manga could be one of the next great animes if it gets a adaptation. Its idea is simple and takes a lot of inspitation from other things but dont get me wrong it does a pretty good job at being a shounen manga.
Reply · Jun 07, 2021

Less edgy chainsaw man kind of? Not saying chainsaw man is edgy but this one has a lot more comedy to it. Sooo. Chainsaw man but funnier. I personally like this better tbh.
Reply · Jun 06, 2021

It's chainsaw man and one punch and aot.
Reply · May 17, 2021

This series is slowly becoming better and better. I would recommend it to anyone who likes monster fights and generally shonen
Reply · Feb 20, 2021

The lovechild of Attack on Titan and One Punch Man, or maybe of Ajin and My Hero Academia. There's a lot of the whole pushing yourself to try your hardest and not giving up on your dreams that you see in My Hero Academia, but also with the easy defeating of opponents and humor mixed with epicness that you see in One Punch Man. And with the premise of a human-monster fighting monsters, which can be found in both Attack on Titan and Ajin (and probably loads of other manga that aren't immediately coming to mind). It's the story of a 32-year-old man named Kafka Hibino who has been inspired by a youngster to try applying to the Defense Force once again, with the hopes of fulfilling feir childhood promise to Mina Ashiro (currently the strongest Defense Force officer) to defeat kaiju together. It's very comedic and has a pretty light tone overall, especially seen through Hibino's undignified emoting and entering other people's personal space. The twist to the story is that Hibino has secretly been turned into a kaiju femself and is able to transform between monster and human forms, so fe has to be mindful about keeping feir secret a secret. Hibino draws people to femself just by being real with them and not treating them with pretense or whatever, so fe starts making a place for femself around the other new recruits to the Defense Force. The relative strength of the recruits is measured by how much of the power from their power suits they're able to draw out, with Hibino comically only drawing out 0 or 1%. Hibino's only physically strong in feir monster form, but in human form fe's still able to provide support and help out the team by applying knowledge and expertise from feir time cleaning up kaiju corpses. Overall, this manga doesn't stand out as impressive, but it's okay. I don't see it gaining much depth as it continues, but it'll probably continue being a good source of light humor and decent fights.
Reply · Dec 12, 2020

Maan this Manga is awesome! It really has an exciting plot as well as a really funny Mc along with amazing side characters. The art is also top tier with how they are portraying the fighting scenes. I would say this has a heck ton of potential of being a masterpiece! Anyways this Manga is super good but as of right now it only has a few chapters so I recommend you to wait a bit!
Reply · Sep 22, 2020

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